Why Pediatricians and Parents Should Ask About Guns in the Home

The first patient death I experienced years ago as a Pediatric Critical Care fellow in training was an elementary school-aged boy who shot himself in the head with his father’s gun.  He was immediately rushed to the hospital where we worked to save his life. Despite the small caliber of the gun, the bullet had […]

Start your day right with a strawberry yogurt parfait — or try one for lunch if you need a quick meal. The combination of fresh berries and protein-rich Greek yogurt make for a healthy and energizing meal. Health Benefits of Yogurt Yogurt is packed with calcium and protein to keep you full and satisfied. Other […]

More than 80,000 people go to the emergency room each year due to lawn mower injuries. The numbers rise each year. This is troubling and alarming. Young children are at the greatest risk for devastating injuries, reconstructive surgery, permanent disfigurement and disability, or even amputation of a body part. Play an active role in preventing […]

Parents have asked me some painful questions about what to do when their child gets a headache after eating ice cream. I don’t want everyone screaming for anything but ice cream, so let me provide some information on this topic.  Ice cream headaches, AKA “brain freeze”  Ice cream headaches, otherwise known as “brain freeze,” occur […]

Jet lag can get the best of even the most expert sleeper. So, in this season of summer travel, here is how you can stop jet lag before it stops you. Does this sound like you? You are a stickler for following the rules for maintaining good sleep hygiene: Before you go to sleep, you […]