What is the Autism Spectrum and What Does it Mean for My Child?

The incidence of autism spectrum disorder jumped about 120 percent in the first decade of this century. A 2016 national survey puts the number at 1 in 45 children from the ages of 3 to 17. Overall it’s estimated about three-and-a-half million Americans live with autism. Listen to an interview with Jeremiah Dickerson, MD, a child […]

As a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli, radishes have a host of health benefits but are typically under-appreciated – pushed around on crudité platters until they’re all that’s left and then drowned in ranch dressing to wash them down. This recipe for radish and cucumber tzatziki is a nice new option. They are actually full of nutrients: […]

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult for you to overcome insomnia? What we know about insomnia is that it is pervasive. Ten to twenty percent of people in the United States have chronic insomnia, and there are similar estimates worldwide. Of the millions of people who struggle with sleepless nights, some experience […]

As the weather warms up, physical activity is increasing. Proper hydration is incredibly important for whatever activity you’re doing. The Vermont City Marathon is a great upcoming example of a physical activity that requires proper hydration before, during, and after the event. Performance has actually been linked to how hydrated the athlete is. First off, […]

Parents of new babies have been asking me more and more questions about what is the best and safest way to put their infants down to sleep. I don’t want to lie down on the job on this one, so let me provide some information on the subject. Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics came […]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Let’s take a moment to consider how to identify someone with a mental health issue. This is especially important because we now have good treatments for many psychiatric problems. The longer one waits to get treatment, the harder it is to get better. First off, mental disorders are common, […]