Why Pediatricians and Parents Should Ask About Guns in the Home

The first patient death I experienced years ago as a Pediatric Critical Care fellow in training was an elementary school-aged boy who shot himself in the head with his father’s gun.  He was immediately rushed to the hospital where we worked to save his life. Despite the small caliber of the gun, the bullet had […]

Enjoy this recipe for a baked lemon rosemary chicken with steamed green beans and baked potatoes with a creamy mustard yogurt sauce. This is the third in a series of blogs showcasing simple, heart healthy recipes that cost under $3.00 a serving to make. We will provide a nutritional analysis, total cost, and cost per […]

Every child approaches the world in which they live in in their own unique way. Whether a kid approaches a new school year like a great adventure or a scary one is all about those differences. You may have heard of the difference between introverts and extroverts. There are also many psychiatrists who see kids […]

Nothing is better than homemade pizza. Switch up your toppings with this easy recipe using tomato and peppers. Tomatoes: The Health Benefits The many health benefits of tomatoes can be attributed to their wealth of nutrients and vitamins, including an impressive amount of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as significant amounts of vitamin […]