Steps for Becoming a Stellar Stepparent

Recently, parents who became stepparents through second marriages have been asking me how they can do a good job in this new role. Everything’s relative, so let me provide some information on stepparenting. Becoming a stepparent can be a most rewarding experience. If you have never had children, becoming a stepparent offers you the chance […]

May is Better Speech-Language and Hearing Month. We thank our audiologists and speech-language pathologists for the incredible work they do everyday at the University of Vermont Medical Center! Communication disorders are among the most common conditions in adults and children, costing the United States billions annually due to lost work productivity, special education, and medical treatment. At […]

Join the Everything Counts Facebook Giveaway, a month-long program to help you see exercise differently. Join now to get tips, connect with your peers, and win fun prizes. Everything Counts is hosted by the University of Vermont Health Network and sponsored by Genavix Wellness Program, powered by the EDGE, New England Federal Credit Union.  We […]

Vermont has a drug problem and doctors have to respond to it. We must prescribe fewer narcotics. Instead of writing prescriptions, we need to start saying, “This will hurt for a few days.” We check VPMS daily, and screen our adolescents for early signs of depression and substance abuse. Yet, only a fraction of Vermont […]