Providers Believe That Health Care is a Right For Every Human

These are uncertain and troubling times. Here at the University of Vermont Health Network, we have seen the resulting anxiety reflected in the faces and words of the people we encounter every day. While we can’t change the world, we can welcome everyone who comes through our doors with respect, curiosity and understanding. We are […]

Try goat cheese for a lower calorie, easier to digest alternative to traditional cheese. We have a great recipe for quesadillas for you to try! Goat cheese: Fewer calories than cow’s cheese Goat cheese has just 75 calories per ounce—significantly less than popular cow cheeses like mozzarella (85), brie (95), Swiss (108), and cheddar (115). […]

This is a conversation that occurred on WDEV’s “Open Mike” program on January 11, 2018 about the benefits for patients that will come from a closer  connection between hospitals and home care.  Host Mike Smith interviewed Judy Peterson, president and CEO of the Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties and Dr. John […]

In the past few years you may have heard of mindfulness. It has been proposed as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and generally getting the most enjoyment out of life. This concept of mindfulness seems to be everywhere from medical research, to TV, to news articles, but what does it really mean and where did […]

Parents have recently been out of breath with questions regarding the effect of secondhand smoke on their infants and children. So let me cough up some information on this important topic. Secondhand smoke: what is it? Secondhand smoke, or environmental tobacco smoke, refers to smoke from a burning tobacco product as well as what smokers […]