Parents, have these thoughts ever run through your mind? I wish my child (or children) had better eating habits. I wonder how my child’s (or children’s) eating habits will, or will not, impact their future healthfulness? Chances are these thoughts have crossed your mind at least once or twice. As a dietitian, I often wonder […]

February is a month-long celebration of heart health. When it comes to nutrition this can mean many different things: Foods that warm the heart, foods that express love for another, and foods that promote cardiovascular health. The gift of a long, healthy life may include a style of eating that makes room for all three of those […]

Register for “The Science of Taste,” which takes place on Wednesday, February 15, 6-7:30pm at the UVM Medical Center, Main Campus, Davis Auditorium. As a dietitian I am deeply committed to the power of nutrition meeting the pleasure of eating. Let’s be clear. I am a food lover first. And what follows as a not-too-distant second, is my fascination […]

Food always tastes better when made with love, so what better way to spend quality time with your significant other than in the kitchen! Not only will cooking as a couple be an enjoyable bonding experience, there is a also delicious meal to be savored! Mealtime is a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. […]

The next “Move to Lose” class starts on September 4 and takes place from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Cardiac Rehabilitation at the UVM Medical Center, located at 62 Tilley Drive in South Burlington. The cost of the program is $300 for non-the UVM Medical Center employees and $225 for the UVM Medical […]

Whether it’s a marathon or a half-marathon, a long run puts your body to the test.  Eating well before the big race will help you get the most out of your training. Hopefully, you have all been mindful about your running nutrition practices during your entire training cycle. As you taper activity, now is the […]

It turns out that when it comes to running, your mother was right.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, in my work with runners I all too often hear a myriad of reasons why this meal goes overlooked.  I am too tired, I am running late, a hungry dog runs faster […]

March may be National Nutrition Month, but every day is an opportunity to celebrate health by being mindful of what is on your plate.  A question that I often ask my clients is “When you look down at your plate, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, what do you see looking back at […]