It turns out that April 3-9 was National Window Safety Week, and parents have been looking out to me to offer some tips on this topic that will not be viewed as just a pane in the glass. No matter whether you live – on the first floor or an upper floor in a house […]

We all enjoy being out and about as spring gets underway. And with more warm weather comes more children – and more dogs – outside in the same yard, field or just walking down the street. Believe it or not, more than 4.5 million dog bites happen each year. If you want to take the […]

Parents have been overdosing me with questions about accidental poisonings and what can be done to prevent their child from eating or drinking something they shouldn’t.   More than two million poisonings occur each year. Ninety percent of poisonings happen in the home with more than half in children less than 6 years of age.  While […]

Parents have recently been hitting the nail on the head with lots of questions about how to help their children stop biting their nails. Let me bite into this topic and provide some information for everyone to chew on. Nail biting is a common habit rarely seen before age 3, but quite common as children […]

Parents of infants are asking me colorful questions about the color and frequency of their baby’s poops or bowel movements. Let me see if I can flush out some information on this topic. As it turns out, most babies produce poops or bowel movements of many different colors during infancy. Most of these are of little […]

Recently parents have been cooking up lots of questions about children and kitchen safety. Since children and parents spend a good deal of time in the kitchen, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most common sites for a household injury.  If you want a recipe for keeping your child safe when you’re […]

With Valentine’s Day here, parents have been seeing red – not just in their children’s valentines, but from the blood that can come from their child’s nose when they have a nosebleed.  Hmm, “the clot thickens” so to speak, so let me provide some information on this topic. Nosebleeds are probably as common as the […]

Last week a parent asked me whether it was okay that her son likes playing with dolls. Another parent asked me if it was okay that her daughter was always playing with trucks. My answer in both cases is yes: that’s definitely okay.   When someone’s interests or clothing doesn’t follow the typical gender stereotypes, we […]