Social distancing is so important to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  As a result, it is important to cancel gatherings and parties for important occasions and events. It can be hard to deal with the emotional response when you cancel these events as they are often related to some of life’s most exciting milestones.    Here […]

Nowadays, it seems as though the only thing people are talking about is the Coronavirus, or COVID-19.     Whether surfing social media or turning on the news we can’t seem to escape it. This topic brings up a lot of strong feelings of worry and anxiety. Especially as we all practice social distancing, we need to find new and different ways to manage our stress. Below are a few […]

With the rapidly changing landscape of COVID-19 sweeping our nation, many businesses are either reducing services or shutting their doors in an effort to contain the virus.   This week alone, I received calls cancelling my eye exam, my daughter’s well child check-up, and a routine vet appointment. While most people understand the necessity in taking these extra […]