Many of those with family members suffering with dementia live in quiet fear of one day developing the disease themselves. But Steele Taylor, MD, neurologist and co-director of the University of Vermont Medical Center’s Memory Program, tells his patients to stop worrying and instead take action; he urges them to focus less on immutable risk […]

Who doesn’t love a freshly cooked s’more with a perfectly toasted marshmallow? Unfortunately, fire is inherently dangerous, and every year terrible accidents happen. Here, Abby Beerman, an injury prevention coordinator at University of Vermont Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, provides a list of safety tips to help you create only happy memories.  Fire Pit Safety […]

For many of us, the last year and a half disrupted our daily routines, keeping us indoors, separated from friends and family – a recipe for weight gain and depression. So it’s no surprise that doctors like Kimberly Sikule, MD, of University of Vermont Medical Center’s Family Medicine practice in Milton, are now helping patients […]

On June 7, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first new Alzheimer’s medication in 18 years. Significantly, it is the first approved treatment that’s designed to address the actual disease process and not just dementia symptoms. But aducanumab, which goes by the brand name Aduhelm, has sparked controversy among medical experts; both Republican and Democratic […]

It was an unexpected convergence of events on a Friday afternoon in February. The usual organized flow of patients through the COVID vaccination clinic at the Champlain Valley Expo was disrupted due to another event at the sprawling 26,000-square-foot building. Traffic was tied up outside, causing many people to arrive late and flustered for their […]

Celsius and Fahrenheit are Kevin Smith’s steadfast companions when ushering the COVID-19 vaccines from the University of Vermont Medical Center’s loading docks to the COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex. The process begins on Thursday evenings, when Smith receives an email from the Vermont Department of Health detailing how many doses […]