A transition of care is the movement of a patient from one health care setting or provider to another. Examples are: discharge from hospital to home; admission from home to a hospital; or movement from one unit to another within the hospital. Transitions of care typically involve the coordination of care and “hand-off” communication. This is where important information can sometimes be overlooked, missed, or miscommunicated. One study estimated […]

Parents have been heading me off at the pass with questions about babies and flat heads. Let me come flat out and provide some information on this condition. There is no better way to prevent sudden unexpected infant death than putting your baby on their back to sleep. But spending a lot of time on […]

Health care associated infections (HAIs) are among the most common complications of being a patient in a hospital. On average 247 people die every day as a result of HAIs, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). At the University of Vermont Medical Center, the Office […]

I developed an interest in healthcare during middle school when I was in and out of doctor’s appointments due to a medical condition that was difficult to diagnose. Throughout that process I felt alone, and my mother felt helpless, unable to help her child and unable to adequately communicate with the various physicians. I believe […]

Why do regular brushing, flossing and dentist visits fall by the way side all too often? Dr. Katera Hopkins, dentist, and Chelsea Brooks, registered dental hygienist, share tips for good dental habits and how to maintain them. Listen to the interview at the link below or read the transcript that follows. Learn more about Dental and […]

It’s maple syrup season in Vermont. So, catch the spirit of the season with this delicious and easy recipe for breakfast blueberry oatmeal cakes. It’s the perfect breakfast for you and your family. Maple Syrup: A Superfood? Maple syrup is a “superfood.” Tests on the syrup found that it contains compounds which could help manage […]

The majority of the fats we consume in our diet are triglycerides. These contain three fatty acids. The types of fatty acids that make up the triglyceride have different chemical structures. This is what defines the type of fat. The major types of fatty acids are saturated, unsaturated, and trans. We are always learning more […]