Meredith Koch doesn’t remember turning 25 years-old. She marked her quarter-century birthday in an operating room at The University of Vermont Medical Center. Why? An upright piano she was helping to move out of the back of a pick-up truck crushed her with hundreds of pounds of force. A Seven-Hour Surgery When she realized she […]

Many people notice that they are less steady on their feet as they age. Becoming less steady is a normal part of aging, as balance may be affected by arthritis, sensation changes in your legs, and balance receptors in your ears (your ‘vestibular system’) becoming less fluid. When people feel unsteady, they are likely to […]

Falls are not a natural part of aging. Anyone can fall. I tripped up the stairs the other day, landing on my hands and knees. Fortunately, I bruised only my shin and my pride. Unfortunately, as you age the results may be more serious. You are at higher risk of falling again within a year […]

September 20 is National Backpack Safety Awareness Day. Follow the tips that follow to keep your child or children healthy and safe.  With the school year started, many parents are buying school supplies. One item to pay attention to is the quality and size of the back pack you purchase for your child. Why Backpack […]

It’s possible to have a concussion and not even realize it, however most people do fully recover with rest or by attending physical or occupational therapy. To tell us more about how to know if you have a concussion and the steps to take to recover are a UVM Medical Center physical therapist, Timothy Bissonette, […]

You’re mountain biking and side-slam a tree. You toss a football with friends and one decides to tackle you. You take a short fall while bouldering. Something pops. You can’t move your arm much. Yup, you just dislocated your shoulder. Shoulder dislocations commonly occur as the result of an injury where the arm is forced […]

Got tennis or golfer’s elbow? There’s a new approach to curing tendonitis that uses your own blood to heal. University of Vermont’s Dr. David Lisle explains. As an athlete, there may come a time when you suffer from chronic pain due to tendon injuries, such as tennis elbow or jumper’s knee. Tendon injuries can be […]

Ski season is behind us, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to talk about how to prevent ski injuries next season. Anterior Tibial Spine Fractures, once thought to occur mostly in children, are now being recognized more in adult skiers. What is an Anterior Tibial Spine Fracture? Anterior tibial spine fractures (ATSFs) […]

As the weather warms up, physical activity is increasing. Proper hydration is incredibly important for whatever activity you’re doing. The Vermont City Marathon is a great upcoming example of a physical activity that requires proper hydration before, during, and after the event. Performance has actually been linked to how hydrated the athlete is. First off, […]