The Vermont City Marathon is fast approaching. For those running — whether it’s part of the relay or the whole 26 miles — we have tips to speed your race recovery:

1. Protect yourself from further injury. Walk as normally as possible. If you are limping, rest your injury, or you may need crutches to speed your recovery.

2. Rest. Take at least 7–10 days without any long or hard running. Light, low intensity workouts can decrease delayed-onset muscle soreness.

3. Ice. During waking hours, apply a plastic bag filled with crushed ice or frozen peas directly on the site of the injury for 20 minutes, 2–3 times a day to decrease pain and swelling.

4. Apply compression as soon as possible. Wrap the area above and below the injury – or the injured part – with an elastic bandage to squeeze fluid away from the injury.

5. Elevate. Keep the injury elevated to help prevent swelling and inflammation.

6. Motion and stretching. Gentle stretching of tight muscles will aid in recovery. Never stretch to the point of pain.

7. Strengthen injured muscles. Rehab can aid in recovery and minimize the chance of re-injury.

See your health care provider if your aches and pains continue for more than a week after the marathon.

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These tips are from the experts at The UVM Medical Center’s Orthopedics and Rehabilitation department

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