Teresa Murphy is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the UVM Medical Center.

It’s Thursday – almost 48 hours since my surgery.  I was hoping to post an update yesterday, but to be honest; I was still quite tired and spent most of the day sleeping.  I’m pleased to report that my surgery went well.  Dr. Nichols was wonderful, answering all of my last minute questions; even giving me a souvenir before I left – some cool photos of the meniscus tear inside my knee.  I’ve posted them at the end of this post for those who are interested in the “science” of the procedure. 

Heading into surgery, my biggest concern was selecting my choice of anesthesia.  I was convinced that I would go with a spinal, but after consultation with my anesthesiologist, Dr. MacDonald, I decided to try general anesthesia via IV.  My goal was not to be nauseous afterwards, and the concoction she made for me worked great.

Teresa prepped and ready for surgery.

I’m still shocked that aside from the first few minutes in post-op, I have not had any issues with pain.  I’ve taken my Tylenol and Ibuprofen as scheduled and haven’t had a moment of discomfort in the process.  Hopefully, this continues! 

Last night I started to experience some swelling in my left foot, but I’m keeping my knee iced and my leg raised extra high today.  This afternoon I get to take the bandages off and see what the incision looks like.  My kids are especially looking forward to this part!

It is hard staying in bed all day, but thankfully I have my laptop, iPhone and TV to keep me company.  Not to mention that I never have time to watch the Today show anymore, so it’s a special treat to catch up on the latest news and events with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira.  The coverage of the Chile miners has been very interesting.
A special thanks to the team of doctors and nurses who were with me on Tuesday.  I don’t remember the names of everyone I met, but they were all great.  A special thanks to my nurse Lindsey who was so helpful after my procedure.

Now, to get back to my “foot-pedaling” exercises!

Teresa Murphy is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the UVM Medical Center. 

Another view of the tear

Teresa’s Meniscus Tear

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