Teresa Murphy is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the UVM Medical Center.

Well, today is the day. After a year of dealing with a troublesome knee, I am finally about to “move-on” and get back to some of the things I love – running, my heels (oh how I’ve missed them) and biking with my kids. You see, I have what is believed to be a meniscus tear and it’s created such havoc on my life that in August I finally threw up my hands and said “enough is enough!”

So how did I get here? Let’s go back to the fall of 2009. After running a relay portion of the Vermont City Marathon, I noticed a pulling in my knee. For the next year, I tried resting, physical therapy, more resting, even biking as an alternative; but the pain continued. Then in August, I was on vacation in Maine and found myself struggling to keep up with my kids and family as we spent our days exploring the Maine seacoast. At one point, my husband even had to give me a “piggyback” ride because of the pain in my knee. Needless to say, my kids got a kick out of this, but not me.

So, after a few sleepless nights and dealing with more frequent pain and swelling, I finally scheduled an appointment to go back and see my orthopedic physician, Dr. Claude Nichols. Unable to have an MRI, Dr. Nichols examined my knee and confirmed what I suspected . . . likely a meniscus tear. He suggested surgery and I said “sign me up!”

Now, making this situation more interesting is the fact that I have spent the last year working with Dr. Nichols and his colleagues to promote the sports medicine program at the UVM Medical Center. I never would have thought that I would be experiencing their expert care a year later. Yet, here I am, becoming a patient of one of the services I’ve been educating others about. So, stay tuned and check back to hear about how my procedure goes, what the experience is like and what type of recovery I have.

And if you were hoping for live Tweeting from the operating room, sorry, not this time!

Teresa Murphy is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the UVM Medical Center.

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