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Mary Seaman is training to run her first-ever marathon.

When Department Assistant Mary Seaman crosses the finish line in this year’s Vermont City Marathon, it will be nearly three years to the day that she discovered she had cancer.

Mary was in Burlington to watch her brother run in the 2012 Vermont City Marathon. Walking downtown, she suddenly felt ill and ended up in our Emergency Department. Within hours, she was in surgery for what they initially thought was a burst ovarian cyst.

But, it turned out to be ovarian cancer.

And that’s why Mary is training to run with the team comprised of staff from The University of Vermont Medical Center and The Larner College of Medicine at UVM that is raising funds in support of the UVM Cancer Center’s Steps to Wellness Program.

Now in remission, Mary began her training early last fall, and she’s already racked up a half-marathon. But, training for a full marathon is almost a job in itself, and she is often up hours before the sun rises to run 8 or 10 miles before work.

She is lucky to have her triathlete coach father giving her advice, and she relies on a program that has her doing something different almost every day as she builds strength and endurance. One of the hardest parts has been – you guessed it – the weather this past winter. Imagine getting up at 5 a.m. to run 10 miles when it’s 15 degrees below zero outside. With no coffee.

The weather won out, and Mary joined a health club.

Her goal is to finish. Her father’s goal is for her to finish running 10-minute miles. Whatever the outcome, she knows that she’s very happy to be running with a team that is supporting something so personal and meaningful.

Are you interested in supporting Mary and The UVM Cancer Center’s Steps to Wellness program? To learn more, call Emily Wright at 7-9548, or; or Megan Dodge, 656-7684, or

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