For many January is when we kick off the dieting season. Dieting and detox come up frequently in conversation and dieting book sales soar as holiday eaters resolve to get off the 5-7 pounds that they gained between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Sadly, this is a cycle many of us know too well gets repeated yearly along with the other annual traditions.

The danger here is that with each subsequent weight loss cycle there is a drop in lean body mass and with each weight gain there is a gain in body fat. The end result is a slower metabolism that makes it harder to lose weight in the long run. 2017 might be the year to make a resolution and set a new tradition based on lifestyle changes rather than another short lived trendy diet.

The University of Vermont Medical Center’s “Move to Lose” program is a lifestyle weight management program that is built on the foundation of realistic and reasonable changes and accountability that give participants the skills they need to make a life-long investment in their health.

Unlike other quick fix programs this is a “food friendly” program based on eating for health. As the name suggests the foundation of the “Move to Lose” program is built around movement and exercise in company with eating strategies designed to change behaviors and optimize metabolism.

The program meets weekly for 16 weeks and includes gym access 6 days a week and guidance from our staff of exercise scientists. Weekly classes are taught by registered dietitian Kimberly Evans MS., RD.  Here is a taste of what to expect in our class:

  • Weight loss tools
  • Goal setting and visioning
  • Getting rid of exercise barriers
  • Guided grocery store tour

One of our recent class graduates is eager to share his experience of the class:

“I was part of a recent Move to lose class. The class helped me change the way I am now living every day. I am exercising five hours per week and have been for five months. I am counting my calories every day. My diet is much more diverse (I am including so many more foods of different colors). I lost 30 pounds and am only 10 pounds away from the goal I set at the start of the program.”Neal R.

We are currently enrolling new participants for our next class that will begin on Thursday January 5, 2017. Classes are held from 5:00-6:00 pm on Thursday nights at UVM Medical Center Cardiac Rehab located at 62 Tilley Drive. To register call 802-847-4514. For more information visit Move to Lose.

Kimberly Evans, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian in Clinical Nutrition at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

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