rackcard_4x9_photo_blue-givingdonationsfundraising_928.jpgIn 2013, our  experts shared fascinating information about heart health, including stories of surgeries, technology, and simple tips for keeping your ticker in tip top condition. As we close out 2013, we invite you to revisit these articles.

Dr. Prospero Gogo: “Using Mobile Health Apps to Diagnose Heart Problems”

“Typically, when talking all things Apple, I use the word “toy” frequently. This time, however, I can confidently say that my latest iPhone 4 case falls into the category of “tool.” And when I say tool, I mean an incredibly powerful device that is the first of many in the mobile realm that may significantly change health care…”

Dr. Bruce Leavitt: “Performing Heart Surgery in Rwanda”

“Our job was to operate on 16 patients in eight consecutive days at the King Faisal Hospital in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. A team of cardiac sonographers and cardiologists arrived in Kigali beforehand to evaluate and screen patients. On February 3, Team Heart met to review each patient case and to determine upon whom we would operate…”

Dr. Daniel Lustgarten: “New Atrial Appendage System for Patients With Atrial Fibrillation”

“The UVM Medical Center is participating in a multi-center trial evaluating a new cardiac device designed to prevent strokes caused by atrial fibrillation. It’s called the Watchman device, and I’d like to share with you how it works…”

Dr. Prospero Gogo: “What’s Changed in How We Treat Heart Attacks? Everything.”

“I was born in 1971. For some, that was not that long ago. For others (I’m looking at all you UVM students I bike past on the way to work!), it was ages ago. However, during this blink in history, the field of cardiology and the treatment of heart attack have changed in stunningly incredible ways…”

Dr. Philip Ades: “I have a heart problem. Is it OK to drink coffee or tea?”

“For the vast majority of heart patients, coffee and tea can be enjoyed without reservation as one of the joys of life. For a very small minority, the caffeine in coffee or tea can cause palpitations (an abnormal sensation of the heart), anxiety, or slightly increase blood pressure but for most there are no bad effects, whatsoever…”

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