WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports- Watch the TV segment at the link above, or read the transcript below for information on this topic. WCAX: Tonight we are talking about autism, and here to help us understand the disorder and what appears to be a growing number of people being diagnosed is our friend […]

WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports- Watch the TV segment at the link above, or read the transcript below for helpful information on this important topic. WCAX: Kids across our region are getting diagnosed with ADHD, but the disorder can stir debate. Psychiatrist Dr. David Rettew, you know him well. He’s a regular on […]

Last week a parent asked me whether it was okay that her son likes playing with dolls. Another parent asked me if it was okay that her daughter was always playing with trucks. My answer in both cases is yes: that’s definitely okay.   When someone’s interests or clothing doesn’t follow the typical gender stereotypes, we […]

The end of January marks that time of year when many patients enter my office feeling like their well-intentioned promises of the New Year, like New Year’s resolutions, are in jeopardy. Many a diet, gym membership, and method to “make this year different” have at this point been put to the test. What many people […]

As a child and adolescent psychiatry fellow, many parents ask me about books that I would recommend for them to read. So, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite books for parents over the years. Many of these are not books I’ve stumbled upon on my own, but are books that parents themselves have generously […]

“Thanks are the highest form of thought, and … gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” —GK Chesterton This is the time of year for conflicting messages. One day we’re eating turkey with family and friends, giving thanks for all that is good in our lives. The very next day, though, we’re bombarded with ads for all the things we […]

Many parents of teenagers express to me their concerns about the darker themes cropping up in young adult fiction (or “YA” for short) in the past years. The concern that I often get from parents of teenagers is that while they are overjoyed their child is using a screen to read a book and not […]

National Suicide Prevention Week occurs this year from September 5-11, including World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10. This is an important time to focus attention on what remains a serious public health concern that all too frequently remains hidden. Here are some myths and facts about suicide that are important to remember: MYTH: Suicide […]