Dense breasts reduce the effectiveness of mammograms and increase the risk for breast cancer. Dr. Sally Herschorn explains why, and talks about a new law that will help women find out if they are in this category. Learn more about breast density.   Audio not displaying? Click here. Prefer to read the interview? Here is […]

What is breast density? Breast density is a unique attribute of the breast that can only be determined with an X-ray (mammogram). It is the degree to which the breast tissue prevents X-rays from passing through and therefore appears white on a mammogram. Everyone’s breast is a mixture of glandular, fibrous, and fatty tissue. Fatty […]

Eat this, don’t eat that. It’s good for you; now, it’s not. Exercise, but not too much, and not too little… Yikes! We all wish there were concrete answers to the question of diet and exercise choices as they relate to breast cancer. We would love to say, to prevent or cure breast cancer all you […]

The Breast Cancer Screening Debate Screening mammography has been the subject of recent intense debate, largely fueled by conflicting national guidelines and varying interpretations of the studies examining the effectiveness of breast cancer screening. Controversy arises over when to start screening mammography, how often to have a mammogram, and at what age woman should stop […]

Information is powerful, and an informed patient is an empowered patient. Due to the growth of the Internet, there is now a greater amount of readily available information compared to any other time in history. Among this sea of data are a number of excellent websites providing reliable information to patients with breast cancer. Unfortunately, […]

As a surgical oncologist treating breast cancer I hope to share some insights that may be of interest and help to our patient community. Susan, a 40-year-old business woman and mother of two, receives a call from her doctor’s office informing her that the lump she felt in her breast appears abnormal on the mammogram […]