Last fall, my husband, stepson, and I found out that our family was growing. I was expecting a baby girl! I had a fairly easy pregnancy. I was able to keep up my normal activities, work, and stay active doing CrossFit. Despite the “new mom worries” and googling each and every little twinge or pregnancy […]

There is a major problem for cancer patients to worry about when they start chemotherapy: a blood clot. They are the third most common cardiovascular illness. Some blood clots are preventable. That said, prevention includes the use of blood thinners, which can increase the chances for bleeding. Ideally, doctors would be able to tell which cancer patients are […]

The following interview with Neil Zakai, M.D., M.Sc., hematologist and oncologist at the UVM Medical Center and associate professor of medicine at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, originally appeared on the Facebook page of the Thrombosis and Haemostasis journal and focused on his research publication, titled “D-dimer and the Risk […]

Abnormal blood clots can form in your veins (blood vessels returning blood to the heart) or arteries (blood vessels taking blood away from the heart). In this article we will talk about clots in the veins, also called “venous thrombosis.” About 1% of hospitalizations in the United States are for venous blood clots making them […]

We keep hearing news stories about elite athletes developing abnormal blood clots. Perhaps the most well-known athlete to experience a blood clot is the tennis icon Serena Williams, who had life-threatening pulmonary embolism in 2011 after a foot injury and cross country air travel. In the sports news recently we have heard about NBA and […]

For many decades, warfarin (also known as Coumadin) has been the only oral blood thinning (anticoagulation) option for the treatment or prevention of abnormal blood clots (thrombosis). Heparin, heparin derivatives, and fondaparinux are also used in blood clot management, but must be administered by injection. Both warfarin and these injectables have the benefit of years […]