School is back in session, and parents have been testing me on ways their children can stay healthy during the school year.  Let me take on that assignment and provide a few back-to-school tips on preventing those sick days.  An annual physical exam before the start of the school year will often make sure everything […]

We hear that it’s important to “know your numbers,” such as blood pressure and cholesterol, when it comes to our health. Parents and caregivers especially concern themselves with the growth and developmental milestones of their child, since understanding this can help keep that child healthy. Did you know that there are many numbers associated with […]

National Suicide Prevention Week occurs this year from September 5-11, including World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10. This is an important time to focus attention on what remains a serious public health concern that all too frequently remains hidden. Here are some myths and facts about suicide that are important to remember: MYTH: Suicide […]

Goodbye summer!  It’s off to school we go! September marks the end of a beautiful summer and the excitement of going back to school.  Even if you do not have school-age children, your morning commute may seem more hectic or take longer as you travel through school zones and neighborhoods. As commuters, we experience more […]

Parents have been feeding me lots of questions as to what they can do to help their child deal with being overweight or obese. Let me weigh in and provide some information on this topic. Twenty-five percent of US children are overweight and half to three quarters of overweight children will go on to become overweight […]