Summer time is here and that means warmer weather, longer daylight hours and more time outside. It’s the time of year when parents take kids to the park or on overnight camping trips. It’s a great time for families. But it also marks an increase in serious campfire-related injuries. When I first started treating pediatric […]

The first patient death I experienced years ago as a Pediatric Critical Care fellow in training was an elementary school-aged boy who shot himself in the head with his father’s gun.  He was immediately rushed to the hospital where we worked to save his life. Despite the small caliber of the gun, the bullet had […]

Parents, have these thoughts ever run through your mind? I wish my child (or children) had better eating habits. I wonder how my child’s (or children’s) eating habits will, or will not, impact their future healthfulness? Chances are these thoughts have crossed your mind at least once or twice. As a dietitian, I often wonder […]

Kids need sleep. Without enough of it, they are at increased risk for behavioral problems, attentional difficulties and even obesity. The amount of sleep a child needs is variable and generally depends on the child’s age. The National Sleep Foundation reports that, on average, children need the following amount of sleep: Below 12 months of […]

Summer is almost here! Your kids may be starting to get a little antsy, especially with summer vacation right around the corner. If you want to get to get your kids to “spend” energy on physical activity without “spending” too much money, try creating your own children’s obstacle course. It’s easier than you think – […]

With the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival here this week, parents have been asking me a symphony of questions about introducing their child to music. Let me see if I can tune up everyone on this important topic.  While listening to music is certainly enjoyable, when children actively participate by singing, playing, or dancing, even more […]