April is National Autism Awareness Month. Although ‘awareness’ is important, so is inclusion, acceptance, understanding, respect, and advocacy. What is Autism? Autism (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It presents with a range of impairments in social relatedness and communication. These are accompanied by restricted interests and repetitive mannerisms. We identify signs of […]

Poisonings are something we can all take steps to prevent. First and foremost, you can access services provided by the nation’s poison centers on the toll-free help line, 1-800-222-1222. Every day, the Northern New England Poison Center helps people of all ages in Vermont, from infants to older adults, providing fast, expert advice and assurance. […]

‘Different thinking is where progress and invention and discoveries lie.’ –Dr. Temple Grandin April is Autism Awareness Month, an opportunity to celebrate the infinite prism that is the mind. By embedding a culture of Patient and Family-Centered Care at the UVM Medical Center, we now have the privilege of connecting with individuals who are generously […]

Parents have been crying out to me for help in managing their toddler’s tantrums.  Well, I don’t want anyone pulling their hair out, so let me provide some information on toddlers and tantrums. Tantrums are an expected behavior for young children. They can happen when children are hungry, bored, over-tired, or over-stimulated in the setting […]

Parents have been asking me an earful of questions about their child having so much earwax. Let me lend an ear and some advice on this problem. Earwax: Yes, it has a purpose Earwax, though not the most pleasant thing to look at, is actually there for a purpose. Glands in the outer ear canal […]