Parents have been feeding me lots of questions as to what they can do to help their child deal with being overweight or obese. Let me weigh in and provide some information on this topic. Twenty-five percent of US children are overweight and half to three quarters of overweight children will go on to become overweight […]

What does mindfulness look like to you? Maybe it’s taking a walk outside and focusing on the sounds of nature around you and how your feet feel with each step. Maybe it’s spending a few minutes before eating a meal appreciating the smells and colors of the food on your plate. Or perhaps it’s taking two […]

I don’t poke fun at parents who ask me what to do when their child is being teased. So be gentle and considerate as I provide information on this topic and some suggestions worth keeping in mind. Teasing and making fun of a child is never okay. And yet kids will experience teasing, find it […]

I’ve always envied my niece, Lena, a little bit for her up-for-anything approach to life. Her very first baby photos for Christmas show her in her holiday dress, flashing a smile to the photographer and waving at them. At that time, her extroverted, friendly and easy nature was only just beginning. When she entered elementary […]

Join us at the Wings Over Vermont 2016 Air Show, August 13 and 14, 2016 in Burlington. The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital is one of WOV’s 2016 beneficiaries. We have the only Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) serving Vermont and Northern New York, where we provide highly specialized care for more than […]

Learn more about the Transgender Youth Program at the University of Vermont Medical Center.  “Hi, I’m Donna, and my younger son is transgender female-to-male.” This is how I introduce myself at the transgender parent support group – a small group of parents who get together to talk about the changes in our lives. The parents come […]