Parents are quite fidgety lately asking me whether fidget spinner toys really help children and adults focus better. Let me see if I can spin some information your way on this topical topic.  Fidget Spinners: What Are They? Fidget spinners are palm-sized, two-or-three pronged devices. Users pinch them between the middle forefinger and thumb and […]

Many modern consumer products include phthalates: food containers, construction materials, clothing, cosmetics, and medications. Phthalates are not chemically linked to other ingredients in these products, so they can easily leak out of them. As a result, people are exposed to them without realizing it. For example, skin absorbs the phthalates in makeup. Phthalates in plastic […]

One of the more concerning questions I am asked about is how to help a child deal with a divorce or separation. Rather than take sides on this question, let me provide some information from the American Academy of Pediatrics that may help families cope with divorce.  Divorce affects more than 1 million children each […]

Parents of newborns have been trying to stump me with their questions about how best to care for their baby’s belly button or umbilical cord stump. Let me try to clamp off anyone’s concern and provide some information on this topic. The quickest way to have the cord stump fall off, leaving a nice new […]

Given events in the news over the past several weeks, parents have been asking me what they can do to ensure that their children grow up with tolerance and an appreciation of diversity in others. Let me provide an unbiased look at this important topic. Tolerance occurs when one appreciates with openness and respects the […]

Reading books aloud to young children promotes important early brain development. It also lays the foundation for a lifelong love of reading. Thanks to a newly established $250,000 endowment from Richard Parkoff, families visiting the UVM Children’s Hospital will have the opportunity to spend quality time together reading children’s books while they’re at the hospital. […]