While Vermont isn’t known for its heat, we all know that once it hits 90 degrees for a few days, it gets oppressive! And, we all know it’s not a dry heat. Once the high temperatures combine with high humidity you have the recipe for uncomfortable conditions. We value our summers here in Vermont, and […]

Summer is here and plants are everywhere! They offer such beauty, but some can be harmful. As we spend more time outdoors, we increase our risk of coming into contact with poisonous plants. Young children often put harmful plants or berries in their mouths and adults may pick harmful plants and berries to eat, thinking […]

Summertime has finally arrived in Vermont! As families head to the parks, lakes and woods, a lot of questions come up about insect bites and stings. Children are naturally curious and love to explore outside. This brings them into contact with a host of things, from mosquitos and ticks, to hornets and bees. And while […]

“How much water should I drink every day?” This commonly asked, and seemingly simple question, is deceptively complex. Traditionally, the answer has been the “8 x 8” rule of thumb; that is, drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water (64 ounces) per day. This “one-size-fits-all” approach is not based on any scientific evidence, nor does not […]

With the Fourth of July coming up, parents may be firing off questions about whether or not they should allow their children to light fireworks, even the smaller types. Vermont law only allows the use of sparklers less than 14 inches long with no more than 20 grams of pyrotechnic mixture, keeping them in compliance […]

Approximately 250,000 people per year in the U.S. develop asthma because of weight gain. Asthma is often thought of as a disease of children, who have difficulty breathing when their airways constrict in response to infections, exercise and allergies – and that is one type of asthma. However, we live in a time when many […]

As we gear up for the summer and warmer temperatures, I’d like to talk about the danger of heatstroke and the possibility of overheating occurring if a child is left unattended in a vehicle. Most people are not aware that children are more susceptible to heatstroke because their bodies heat up much faster than adults’ […]

One in six Americans could get sick from food poisoning this year. Before you set out for your next picnic or barbecue, be aware of potential food-related poisonings. During the summer months, foodborne illnesses are on the rise. Bacteria and viruses are the most common cause of food poisoning. Food poisoning is an illness caused […]

Biking season is here. As a biking enthusiast, I enjoy seeing people out recreating on their bikes or using them as their primary mode of transportation. As the Injury Prevention Coordinator for the UVM Medical Center, what I don’t enjoy seeing is people on their bikes without a helmet. Nationally, more than 500,000 people visit to the […]

Every summer, the University of Vermont Medical Center Division of Plastics and Reconstruction Surgery provides trauma reconstructive care to children who have been injured by lawn mowers. This year, we want to reach out to families and urge them to reconsider how they mow their lawns when there are children around. It is our hope that […]