Every spring the Northern New England Poison Center manages a number of poisonings from foragers picking toxic plants and mushrooms mistaken for safe, healthy food. Most recently, the UVM Medical Center Emergency Department has seen a spike in poisonings from people ingesting a plant called false hellebore that they thought were wild ramps. “Now that people are headed outside, we are seeing more plant-related poisonings,” says Rebecca Bell, […]

Social distancing is so important to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  As a result, it is important to cancel gatherings and parties for important occasions and events. It can be hard to deal with the emotional response when you cancel these events as they are often related to some of life’s most exciting milestones.    Here […]

Parents have been asking me some colorful questions recently about color blindness. Well, let me see if I can share my views on this particular topic. Color blindness does not mean a person is blind. It is a deficiency in color vision that may range from a slight difficulty in telling different shades of color […]

The outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is cause for concern but not panic. The UVM Health Network is working with the Vermont State Health Department and New York State Department of Health to coordinate our preparedness efforts based upon guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Parents have been asking me for some advice on the best way to discipline their young children. Well, let me see if I can behave appropriately and provide some information on this topic. Some Best Practices Parents, model the behaviors you want to see in your children to teach them right from wrong using calm […]