February 4-10 is Burn Awareness Week. Burns are an extremely common injury. According to the American Burn Association, someone in the United States sustains a burn injury requiring treatment almost every minute. That’s approximately 486,000 serious burn injuries a year! In fact, the University of Vermont Medical Center has seen more than 300 clinic visits […]

The UVM Children’s Hospital Type 1 Diabetes Clinic seeks families who have children with Type 1 Diabetes and are interested in participating in our Type 1 Diabetes Patient/Family Advisory Council. If you are interested, please contact Charlotte Safran, patient and family-centered care coordinator, at 802-999-9731 or charlotte.safran@uvmhealth.org The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital recognizes that […]

January 19-27, 2019 is Snowmobile Safety Week, established by the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) to recognize the importance of safe, responsible snowmobiling. It’s been an up and down winter when it comes to snow, but there’s still time for you and your family to enjoy outdoor activities such as snowmobiling. What steps can I […]