The temperature inside your vehicle can rise almost 20º F in just 10 minutes. Within an hour, it can be more than 40º higher than the outside temperature. Along with the vehicle temperature rising, body temperature rises and can quickly reach dangerous levels. Little bodies heat up fast, making babies and young children particularly at […]

Recently, parents have been serving up lots of questions regarding their child’s nutrition based on more fiction than facts. So, this week I thought I’d do some myth-busting of common nutritional myths. Is a multivitamin a solution or supplement? For example, parents ask me if taking a daily multivitamin gives their children all the nutrients […]

With summer here, I find myself getting grilled by families about safety precautions they should be taking when they barbecue outside. Well, I don’t want any backyard fireworks to occur, so let me provide some information on this topic. Keep distance between your child and the grill First, keep your children away from a grill […]

Parents of teenagers have been asking me when the best time to transition their teen from a pediatrician to an adult physician is. Well, if they have been seeing a family physician, this shouldn’t be an issue since a family physician cares for children and adults. However, if they have been going to a pediatrician, […]