November is American Diabetes Month. Diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to produce the correct amounts of the hormone insulin, resulting in high blood sugar levels. In the United States, 29 million Americans have diabetes and 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes. With type one diabetes, the body does not make insulin […]

November is American Diabetes Month. It’s also flu season. To improve your holidays, do one thing to avoid the flu: get your flu shot. Here’s why it is important for people with diabetes. Why do people with diabetes need a flu shot each year? The American Diabetes Association recommends an annual influenza vaccination for all […]

Join us for “Diabetes and Your Feet: What You Can’t Feel Can Hurt You,” a free class offered by Dr. Merena. The class takes place on September 20 from 6-7 p.m. at the UVM Medical Center’s Davis Auditorium. This class is offered as part of our HealthSource series of classes. Learn more and register at […]

In 2014, the response rate to Hepatitis C treatments (number of people without detectable virus after treatments) was 75% to 80%, now it is 90% to 99%. Dr. Doris Strader, gastroenterologist and hematologist at the UVM Medical Center tells us about the increasing knowledge of how to diagnose and treat Hepatitis C just in the […]

I am a Hepatitis-C survivor. It has taken me more than forty years to arrive at a more secure state of health. On this path, I have journeyed through two rounds of treatment. The first in 2007 and the second in 2014. There are distinct phases to this experience. The first is The Oblivion. There […]

Diabetes is a growing problem in our country. One out of three Americans adults have what is called pre-diabetes. Ninety percent of those people don’t even know that they have that condition. Finding out is important, because up to a third of people who have it go on to develop diabetes itself within five years. Dr. Stephen […]

I often tell my patients that diabetes is a numbers game. We know from medical research that keeping your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels within a desired range can dramatically reduce the risk of developing complications from diabetes. Every year, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) publishes guidelines for the medical care of patients […]

Could you have diabetes or prediabetes and not know it? March 28 is the American Diabetes Association’s “Alert Day 2017.” Diabetes Alert Day is an annual “wake-up call” asking the public to take the “Diabetes Risk Test” to find out whether they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes and learn more about the […]

Vermonters know that winters can be long and challenging. Unfortunately, winter can be even more challenging for people who live with diabetes. Diabetes management can be complicated when we are ill or injured. And some people with diabetes have impaired circulation which may make them more prone to frostbite as well as delayed bone healing with fractures. These […]