Opioid addiction has grown to epidemic proportions locally and nationwide. In 2015, more people in the United States died from drug overdoses than in car crashes. Vermonters have seen firsthand the negative impact that opioid addiction can have on families, friends and entire communities. In response to the crisis, Vermont’s medical community is working to […]

Nominations Open for First-Ever DAISY Awards at UVM Medical Center In 1999, Patrick Barnes was diagnosed with ITP, an autoimmune disease. At 33 years old, he had already survived Hodgkin’s disease twice. Earlier that year, he and his wife had their first child. Sadly, Patrick died from complications of his disease. During the eight weeks […]

The Turning Point Center of Chittenden County is a peer-run recovery center for those in recovery from substance abuse (alcohol and/or drug addiction). Our 2016 guest survey of 195 guests suggests that the majority (61%) of our guests are in the first year of recovery. The first year of recovery is filled with many challenges […]

Patients often tell me, “you don’t want me to make anything, I’m not artistic.” Familiar with that common rejection, I have learned to skirt around the word “art” in my introductions and invitations. Ironically, it is common to see a person struggling with illness, bed-bound by medical equipment, visibly tense at the mention of creativity. However, […]

Exercising regularly and eating healthy foods can help prevent a wide range of health conditions. But what happens if you don’t have access to healthy food, or know how to prepare it? Many families throughout Vermont don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, find them hard to afford, or may not have the culinary […]

During the month of October, poison centers receive thousands of calls about Halloween-related exposures, such as glow products, dry ice, cosmetics, and Halloween craft products. By saving the Poison Help line, 800-222-1222, as a contact in your mobile phone, parents and guardians can help ensure that children stay safe, and be prepared in case of […]

Prescription drugs are often strong medications, which is why they require a prescription in the first place. When abused, they can be just as dangerous as drugs that are made illegally. This Saturday, October 22 is National Prescription Drug Take-back Day. Show you care. Don’t Share! From 10am – 2pm you can drop off old medications to […]