It’s not every day that Vermont anesthesiologists end up on the national news in Israel. It’s also not every day that Israeli and Palestinian physicians train together. Mark Hamlin and Tim Dominick joined American physicians and Israeli doctors for a ground-breaking point-of-care ultrasound (US) training program. About the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training Program The program was […]

This is a conversation that occurred on WDEV’s “Open Mike” program on January 11, 2018 about the benefits for patients that will come from a closer  connection between hospitals and home care.  Host Mike Smith interviewed Judy Peterson, president and CEO of the Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties and Dr. John […]

By Jonathan Jaffrey, Sr. VP and Chief Population Health Officer. University of Wisconsin Health Last month, eight health professionals from Wisconsin visited to Burlington to see the Hub-and-Spoke model for opioid addiction. Vermont has made impressive strides in addressing the opioid addiction crisis by increasing the number of medical providers who offer medication assisted treatment (MAT) to […]

Influenza is a viral infection. It that causes many symptoms that can range from mild (runny nose, cough) to severe (pneumonia and respiratory failure). Did you know that about 30,000 people die from influenza infection every year in the United States alone! The virus develops changes in its genes. That’s the reason that the vaccine […]