This week, November 12—18, 2017 is National Nurse Practitioner Week. Nurse practitioners work in hospitals and clinics all over the world providing exceptional care to patients of various health care needs. What is a Nurse Practitioner? A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a clinician who blends clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating health conditions with an added emphasis on […]

Hackers love the holidays. With an increase in shopping activity and card transactions during the holiday season, hackers ramp up their efforts in an attempt to steal a much higher percentage of card information. Although most of us are at the mercy of the retailer’s information security controls, there a few things we can do to […]

Continued widespread power outages and debris clean-up is on everyone’s mind after Sunday night’s wind event. The University of Vermont Medical Center’s Trauma Service admitted several patients who sustained serious injuries while clearing debris from the storm. Vermonters have that great can-do attitude, especially when it comes to helping their neighbors. But, it’s important to put […]

Literacy is the ability to read and write. Health literacy is the degree to which people can get, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make health decisions. How Low Health Literacy Affects Patients Low health literacy affects patient outcomes and health care costs. Patients with poor health literacy make more medication […]

These are uncertain and troubling times. Here at the University of Vermont Health Network, we have seen the resulting anxiety reflected in the faces and words of the people we encounter every day. While we can’t change the world, we can welcome everyone who comes through our doors with respect, curiosity and understanding. We are […]

Passwords. They are used to protect some of our most sensitive information, including e-mail, bank accounts, credit cards, internet-connected computers and – most important – our identities. They are the pain point for every user: usually required to be a certain length, contain a combination of characters, numbers and symbols. Once you’ve created that perfect, […]

Meredith Koch doesn’t remember turning 25 years-old. She marked her quarter-century birthday in an operating room at The University of Vermont Medical Center. Why? An upright piano she was helping to move out of the back of a pick-up truck crushed her with hundreds of pounds of force. A Seven-Hour Surgery When she realized she […]