Fire prevention week and the Autumn season are good times to review a-few simple things that can help us keep our homes and families safe from fire. As you may know, Fire Prevention Week was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire, the tragic 1871 conflagration that killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, […]

Are you doing the “Daily 4” when it comes to your dental health? During National Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM), we challenge you to enhance or maintain good oral health. The four components of good oral health maintenance are: Brushing teeth twice daily Flossing every day Rinsing with antimicrobial mouth rinse Chewing sugar-free gum During your dental office visit, start […]

Join us on October 4 for a free panel discussion titled “The State of Opioid Addiction in Vermont: Treatment & Research,” part of Community Medical School at the Larner College of Medicine at UVM. The panel will feature Stephen Leffler, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Charles MacLean, MD, and Patricia Fisher, MD. The event takes place at 6:00-7:30pm at the UVM Given Medical Building […]

It’s a fact: beverages high in sugar, like sodas and juices, can cause cavities. To cut down on soda and juice consumption, many have turned to sports drinks or other flavored water products. We live in an active era. There is a lot of emphasis on staying hydrated and maintaining electrolyte balance, but are these […]

National Suicide Prevention Week occurs this year from September 5-11, including World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10. This is an important time to focus attention on what remains a serious public health concern that all too frequently remains hidden. Here are some myths and facts about suicide that are important to remember: MYTH: Suicide […]

Goodbye summer!  It’s off to school we go! September marks the end of a beautiful summer and the excitement of going back to school.  Even if you do not have school-age children, your morning commute may seem more hectic or take longer as you travel through school zones and neighborhoods. As commuters, we experience more […]

What does mindfulness look like to you? Maybe it’s taking a walk outside and focusing on the sounds of nature around you and how your feet feel with each step. Maybe it’s spending a few minutes before eating a meal appreciating the smells and colors of the food on your plate. Or perhaps it’s taking two […]

Although it may seem like a simple thing, staying well-hydrated with water (which is considered an essential nutrient!) is becoming more and more important as we begin to understand how much it affects our health. New research from the University of Michigan shows that not being well-hydrated is linked to obesity and being overweight (Source: […]