What does mindfulness look like to you? Maybe it’s taking a walk outside and focusing on the sounds of nature around you and how your feet feel with each step. Maybe it’s spending a few minutes before eating a meal appreciating the smells and colors of the food on your plate. Or perhaps it’s taking two […]

Although it may seem like a simple thing, staying well-hydrated with water (which is considered an essential nutrient!) is becoming more and more important as we begin to understand how much it affects our health. New research from the University of Michigan shows that not being well-hydrated is linked to obesity and being overweight (Source: […]

Nothing compares to a summer hike. It feels good, and for those hiking in Vermont, there are so many beautiful views to take in. Even the most experienced of hikers must be careful though. The most common hiking-related injuries and fatalities are due to hypothermia and dehydration. Here’s how you can stay safe. Prepare for […]

Even here in Vermont, heat-related illness can be a major issue for athletes. Consequences range from decreased performance to death. In fact, heat stroke is the third leading cause of death in athletes after cardiac disorders and cervical spine trauma. It is important to recognize and treat heat illness before major complications arise. Equally important […]

Northern New England is home to several species of snake, but not many poisonous ones. Small populations of timber rattlesnakes live in parts of New Hampshire and Vermont. They tend to live near rock slides, ledges and woodlands. Vermont has two dens of timber rattlesnakes near West Haven, Vermont and New Hampshire has a den […]

It’s statistically proven that it can take upwards of 21 days to create habitual behaviors; however, it can take far less time to break such behaviors. Maintaining a routine for proper dental care may be a challenge. Strange, isn’t it? For most, regular dental care is something that has been ingrained in us since childhood. […]

Summer brings fun, but it can also bring injuries if we are not careful or prepared. The most common summer injuries include cuts, ticks, poison ivy, sunburns, eye injuries, and broken bones. Fortunately, it’s simple to take preventive measures to stop these problems in their tracks. One great way to prepare is to create two […]

Every summer, the University of Vermont Medical Center Division of Plastics and Reconstruction Surgery provides trauma reconstructive care to children who have been injured by lawn mowers. This year, we want to reach out to families and urge them to reconsider how they mow their lawns when there are children around. It is our hope that […]

Did you know that more than 30 percent of Vermonters eat less than 1 fruit a day? And, on average, we eat 1.3 fruits and 1.7 vegetables per day.  Meanwhile, the recommended guidelines are to eat 2-4 fresh fruits and 3-5 vegetables per day. It is hard to reach this goal! Limiting healthy choices to meals […]