As we start into National Nurses Week, I have been reflecting on some of the many talented nurses I have known over the years, and I want to thank ALL our nursing colleagues in every corner of the UVM Medical Center—for their superb skills, their daily pursuit of excellence, and their commitment to the highest […]

Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from remarks given by Dr. Brumsted at the UVM Medical Center’s Annual Community Stakeholder Meeting on Thursday, February 21, 2013. Lately, I find myself reflecting on the word, and the concept, of community.  It occurs to me that the commitment to community that exists here at the UVM Medical […]

Editor’s Note: The following article has also run as an op-ed in several local papers. Amidst the current gloomy national headlines about health care reform, there’s a great story in Vermont about what is right and what’s working. We’ve made great progress on the goals that are shared by all: right care, right time, close […]

What does accountable mean?  The Oxford Universal Dictionary gives us a straightforward definition—“accountable: liable to be called to account, responsible; also, simply to be counted on.”  As a physician, and consistent with this definition, I have always believed I am accountable for any advice given to a patient or action taken on their behalf.  By […]

Change is afoot in health care and is assured now that the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act.  A critical component will be modifications in the way we are reimbursed for services, with the obituary of fee-for-service payments now written and published.  Change is always challenging and frequently involves risks, so the question […]

I am a self-professed data geek.  Math, comparing data sets, the mechanics of how to draw valid conclusions, statistics – all were early interests of mine.  As my education progressed through college, medical school, residency and fellowship, the variety of data available, the process of deciding what was relevant and valid and which elements should […]