Vermont became the fourth state in the nation to make it legal for a patient with a terminal illness to obtain a prescription with the intent to hasten their death. Unlike most new laws, where there’s usually a period of several months before they go into effect, this one went into effect last week, immediately […]

As a pediatric resident, I can attest to the effects of children who have not been vaccinated, and the consequences are devastating. Given the success of vaccines over the past decades, it is not surprising that the public is unaware of how devastating vaccine-preventable diseases can be since we don’t see many of them anymore […]

Every state requires children to receive certain mandatory vaccinations in order to attend day care or school.  Children are exempted from this requirement if: there is a medical reason why the vaccine would not be safe (all 50 states) their parents are part of a religious group opposed to immunization (48 states) their parents express […]