Sometimes, a patient comes into the emergency room and there is no way of knowing who they are, or how to contact their next of kin. What many people don’t know is that you can set up accessible medical information through your phone even when it’s locked. This makes it easier for emergency responders to help […]

Mrs. Kim enters the clinic. She is elderly, Korean, and also…a virtual avatar? That may come as a shock, but when we sought to develop a way to improve care for an aging America, a video game ended up being the ideal solution. It all started back in 2008. That’s when an Institute of Medicine […]

This May, four employees from the University of Vermont Medical Center traveled to Portland, OR to attend CleanMed 2015, a Practice Greenhealth (PGH) event celebrating achievements in healthcare sustainability. For the sixth consecutive year, the UVM Medical Center earned top honors for its green efforts. In this post, we’ll explore what these awards mean and […]

Taking your child to the pediatrician is something most of us take for granted. But for families living in low and middle-income countries where there is a lack of medical professionals, a trip to the doctor may seem as out of reach as winning the lottery. This is a major reason why over 3.5 million […]

May 6-12, 2015 is National Nurses Week, hosted by the American Nurses Association.  Nursing is the most trusted profession in America. According to the annual Gallup poll, nurses have been at the top of the list for twelve of the last thirteen years. That is one good reason to honor nurses with recognition during National […]

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. For those with Parkinson’s disease (PD), their families, and professionals who help care for them, each day requires our awareness. It is also our responsibility to improve knowledge about this condition and to draw attention to the courage of those facing the challenges of PD each day. Nationally, an […]

The recent unveiling of the Precision Medicine Initiative during President Obama’s State of the Union address was a momentous occasion for this molecular pathologist. President Obama seeks to invest $215 million from his 2016 budget to improve the country’s ability to explore and leverage precision medicine. So, what exactly is precision medicine? Currently, most medical […]

You are a unique individual and there will never be another you. Even if we could generate your clone with identical DNA (or, if you have an identical twin), you would still be unique. The physical, chemical, and mental environment that you experience from conception through your entire life adds a whole new layer of […]

The University of Vermont Medical Center is proud to welcome Eileen Whalen, M.H.A., R.N., as its new president and chief operating officer effective immediately. Get to know Eileen in this interview. Q: Can you talk a bit about your childhood? A: I was born and raised in Washington, DC – I’m one of 10 children, (six girls […]

The University of Vermont Medical Center now offers Specialty Pharmacy Services for its patients; right here in Burlington. Specialty medications are generally seen as high-cost or high-risk therapies that are utilized to treat complex, chronic or life-threatening conditions (such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and hepatitis C); and often require greater patient education […]