February is Heart Month so the time is now to think about your heart and how to keep it healthy! Many people may not know that dental health is directly related to heart health. New information from the American Dental Association and other trusted medical journals have confirmed what we have seen in practice for […]

February is a month-long celebration of heart health. When it comes to nutrition this can mean many different things: Foods that warm the heart, foods that express love for another, and foods that promote cardiovascular health. The gift of a long, healthy life may include a style of eating that makes room for all three of those […]

It’s American Heart Month! We want to share four ways to keep you heart, mind, and body happy and healthy. The combination of eating right, working out, relieving stress and educating yourself– can help keep your heart pumping for years to come. Make sure to visit the American Heart Association for more tools and facts […]

The end of January marks that time of year when many patients enter my office feeling like their well-intentioned promises of the New Year, like New Year’s resolutions, are in jeopardy. Many a diet, gym membership, and method to “make this year different” have at this point been put to the test. What many people […]

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month Glaucoma affects nearly three million Americans and is a major cause of vision loss and blindness around the world. The disease is most common as we age. Beyond age sixty-five, glaucoma develops in 2-3 percent of whites and 4-6 percent of African-Americans. Glaucoma also occurs in infancy and middle age, […]

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) refers to a large family of viruses that affect both men and women. It is the most commonly sexually transmitted infection in the US and is transmitted by simple contact. Different strains of HPV can cause small warts or growths on the skin, plantar warts on the foot, warts in the genital […]

The first day of winter is less than a month away – so get ready now to stay healthy all season long. Cold weather can bring with it some serious health dangers, particularly for young children, older adults, and the chronically ill. Here are our top five cold-weather health and safety tips to keep you […]

“Thanks are the highest form of thought, and … gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” —GK Chesterton This is the time of year for conflicting messages. One day we’re eating turkey with family and friends, giving thanks for all that is good in our lives. The very next day, though, we’re bombarded with ads for all the things we […]

More than 36 million Americans experience hearing loss. Yet, many do not get help. Many people will readily get glasses, but seem embarrassed about having their hearing evaluated. Some deny that they are having trouble, while others have family members or friends that have had negative experiences with hearing aids. It is important to know […]