Bernie Echo, president of the UVM Medical Center Auxiliary, one of the largest donors, talks about ways for anyone to get involved and different projects that they have funded over the years. Listen to the interview or read the transcript below. Learn more at the Auxiliary at the UVM Medical Center.  UVM Medical Center: You […]

Dr. Kim Dittus tells us about the benefits of exercise on patients who have completed their cancer treatments and introduces us to Steps to Wellness, a program at the UVM Medical Center that helps cancer patients get their energy back. Listen to the interview or read the transcript below. UVM Medical Center:  Many people finished […]

Adult primary care physician, David Ziegelman, talks us through the uses of My Heath Online, UVM Medical Center’s online health records system, for both patient and physician and introduces us to the new mobile application. Listen to the interview or read the transcript below. Learn more about MyHealthOnline and our new app.  UVM Medical Center: Wouldn’t […]

The death rate for cervical cancer has dropped by more than 50 percent over the past three decades. Clara Keegan, MD, explains more about the disease, the changes in vaccination and screening that caused the decrease, and what treatment options are available. Listen to the interview or read the transcript below. UVM Medical Center: Among […]

Huntington’s disease is an inherited disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in your brain. It can cause rapid jerky body movements, personality changes, behavior problems, memory loss, and profound physical decline. The symptoms can appear at any time in life. They usually occur in those aged 40 to 60. There’s no cure for […]

Did you know that according to a major study, people who don’t get enough sleep are twice as likely to get heart disease? Sleep disorders are a big problem. About 70 million Americans suffer from them, and 60 percent have a chronic sleep disorder. Through proper testing, diagnosis and care, sleep disorders can be managed and […]

Immigrants and refugees have been in the news a lot lately due to our current presidential administration’s policies. Since 1989, more than 6,000 people have come to Vermont through a federal refugee resettlement program. Listen to an interview with Andrea Green, MD, director of the Pediatric New American Clinic at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.  She […]

Dr. Kemper Alston explains the “superbugs” that everyone is talking about, how to prevent them and what there really is to worry about. Listen to an interview or read the transcript below. UVM Medical Center:    For many, the term superbug conjures up a science fiction disaster movie, and while these bacteria that are resistant to […]

Prescription drugs — most Americans take at least one prescription drug and 50 percent take two. Another 20 percent take five or more. With the growth in prescription drug use, the role of the pharmacist has changed. Listen to an interview with Mark DiParlo, a registered pharmacist and director of pharmacy outpatient services at the […]