Dr. Harold Dauerman, interventional cardiologist and director of cardiovascular services at the UVM Medical Center, tells us about two new and different approaches to cardiology patients – MitraClip and TAVR – that have been saving lives and the continued research we continue to do surrounding these techniques. Listen to the radio interview below, or read […]

Jennifer Levy, PT, physical therapist at the UVM Medical Center, talks about physical therapy as an alternative treatment option for pain. Physical therapy treats the underlying causes of their pain rather than masking it. Many patients and physicians think non-opioid approaches such as physical therapy may be better in some cases. Listen to the interview […]

Did you leave your New Year’s resolution behind in January? That’s OK. You might need a new approach. Learn more about approaching behavior change in a new way and setting resolutions with Bridget Shea, a registered dietician and Audrey Munroe, a licensed clinical social worker both from the UVM Medical Center Community Health Team. Listen […]

This is a conversation that occurred on WDEV’s “Open Mike” program on January 11, 2018 about the benefits for patients that will come from a closer  connection between hospitals and home care.  Host Mike Smith interviewed Judy Peterson, president and CEO of the Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties and Dr. John […]

We all too often hear the phrase “mind over matter” when it comes to dealing with something challenging. And the mind certainly plays a huge role in so many of our behaviors, good and bad, eating especially. What we eat affects how we feel and how we feel affects what we eat. There is mindless […]

Influenza, or the flu, is a viral infection that affects 5 percent to 20 percent of the US population every year. That’s up to 60 million people. With this many people affected each year, it’s good to know how to reduce your chances of getting the flu, such as making sure you get your annual […]

November is American Diabetes Month. Diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to produce the correct amounts of the hormone insulin, resulting in high blood sugar levels. In the United States, 29 million Americans have diabetes and 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes. With type one diabetes, the body does not make insulin […]

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. Dr. Bob Gramling is division chief of palliative medicine at the UVM Medical Center. In this interview, he discusses the role palliative care plays. He also talks about the importance of making sure a patient’s and family’s concerns and wishes are heard. Listen to the interview at […]