The International Day of Radiology (IDoR) takes place every year on November 8. The day is historically significant. It was on November 8, 1895, that Wilhelm Conrad Rӧntgen discovered X-rays. This year, IDoR highlights the field of emergency radiology. Emergency Radiology: What is it? Emergency radiology is a relatively new field within radiology. That said, it […]

I tell women to get their mammograms all the time – it’s part of who I am. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, friend to breast cancer survivors, and as a fundraiser for breast cancer programs, I know the importance of the annual mammogram. Yet, as my fortieth birthday approached, I wanted to […]

You are a unique individual and there will never be another you. Even if we could generate your clone with identical DNA (or, if you have an identical twin), you would still be unique. The physical, chemical, and mental environment that you experience from conception through your entire life adds a whole new layer of […]

the UVM Medical Center radiologist Kristen DeStigter, M.D. is co-founder of Imaging the World (ITW), an organization which has developed a medical outreach model designed to provide low-cost ultrasound machines to the most under-resourced areas in the world.  Last summer, Dr. DeStigter blogged about the work her organization was doing and their plans for the […]