The International Day of Radiology (IDoR) takes place every year on November 8. The day is historically significant. It was on November 8, 1895, that Wilhelm Conrad Rӧntgen discovered X-rays. This year, IDoR highlights the field of emergency radiology. Emergency Radiology: What is it? Emergency radiology is a relatively new field within radiology. That said, it […]

I tell women to get their mammograms all the time – it’s part of who I am. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, friend to breast cancer survivors, and as a fundraiser for breast cancer programs, I know the importance of the annual mammogram. Yet, as my fortieth birthday approached, I wanted to […]

the UVM Medical Center radiologist Kristen DeStigter, M.D. is co-founder of Imaging the World (ITW), an organization which has developed a medical outreach model designed to provide low-cost ultrasound machines to the most under-resourced areas in the world.  Last summer, Dr. DeStigter blogged about the work her organization was doing and their plans for the […]