Imagine your current life plan for the next year or two: where you will live, what your job will be, what hobbies you will participate in, and what muscles your body will use to do simple things like walk. Now, throw 75 percent of that plan out the window, and think only about the people […]

Today, we honor patients and families who have survived trauma – and we renew our commitment to providing the best quality of care possible to injured patients in our region. It’s a commitment we have dedicated ourselves to since 1994, when we received our first Level I Trauma designation. Our champions then were Fred Rogers, […]

April is Donate Life Month. To learn more about organ donation and to register to be an organ donor, please visit As a Transplant Surgeon, I have seen both the good and the bad. Right now, there are a number of troubling trends impacting patients waiting for organ donation. There are also incredible advances […]