Hackers love the holidays. With an increase in shopping activity and card transactions during the holiday season, hackers ramp up their efforts in an attempt to steal a much higher percentage of card information. Although most of us are at the mercy of the retailer’s information security controls, there a few things we can do to […]

Remember that classic school lunch favorite, tater tots? Well, we have just the update for you: sweet potato tots. The perfect fall side dish with a hint of nostalgia included in every bite. “The Vitamin A Sweet Potato” The nutritional value of the sweet potato is unbeatable! It is rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins B-5 […]

The International Day of Radiology (IDoR) takes place every year on November 8. The day is historically significant. It was on November 8, 1895, that Wilhelm Conrad Rӧntgen discovered X-rays. This year, IDoR highlights the field of emergency radiology. Emergency Radiology: What is it? Emergency radiology is a relatively new field within radiology. That said, it […]

Ransomware. The mere name sounds ominous, and it can have potentially drastic effects. You might have heard in the news about several health care organizations being hit by this type of malicious computer attack. The worst case to date involved a health care facility in Los Angeles, California, which, after having its computer system held […]

Enjoy this recipe for an easy black bean burrito. This is the fourth in a series of blogs showcasing simple, heart healthy recipes that cost under $3.00 a serving to make. We will provide a nutritional analysis, total cost, and cost per serving for each recipe. At the end of the series, we will provide […]

Looking for something hearty to start your day this fall? Veggie burger hash is the perfect dish! It will fill you right up and keep you warm during the cold winter months ahead. It is made using a classic fall food: the sweet potato. “The Vitamin A Sweet Potato” The nutritional value of the sweet potato […]

Self-care is important during the autumn and winter months in Vermont. Why? Well, when the seasons change, so do our energy levels. We’re affected by the cooler temperatures and the decrease in daylight hours. We may notice less spring in our step (pardon the seasonal pun). Additionally, we may move less and eat more. We […]

Kale had its moment in the spotlight in the early 2010s. All of a sudden it’s everywhere: chips, salads, and slaw. Though it may seem like a recent trend, there are places where kale has been a staple food for centuries. Kale — Part of the Scottish Diet for Centuries In Scotland, the traditional diet […]