The International Day of Radiology (IDoR) takes place every year on November 8. The day is historically significant. It was on November 8, 1895, that Wilhelm Conrad Rӧntgen discovered X-rays. This year, IDoR highlights the field of emergency radiology. Emergency Radiology: What is it? Emergency radiology is a relatively new field within radiology. That said, it […]

It is more likely than not that people are familiar with the term phishing. But how about smishing and vishing? Even if you’ve never heard of them, there is a good chance you have encountered at least one of these types of hacking tactics because of how often they are used to trick people out […]

January is a time to reflect on lifestyle changes that you want to improve upon. We suggest doing so by making small goals throughout the upcoming year versus big changes. The approach of making goals that are attainable and realistic helps build healthy changes into your everyday life. Identify the most realistic options. Pick a […]

Try something new and different in thinking about your 2017 New Year’s resolution. Set a goal that is completely new and different from any previous New Year’s resolution. Anyone out there interested in joining in the fun? Refresh Your Resolution Focus A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that among the most popular New […]

Fall into some healthy habits this autumn! Vermont is the ideal place for it, whether you want to get moving, cook up some new healthy recipes (apples are back in season!), spend more quality time with family and friends, or even start in on financial savings for the holidays (yes, they will be here before […]

This past tax season, Vermonters experienced a slew of encounters with “social engineers,” criminals who attempt to commit fraud, ultimately stealing money or identities, via a simple phone call. The State of Vermont, the Office of the Vermont Attorney General, and several police agencies in the region have all released advisories about the proliferating scams, […]

Stop for a moment and ponder this: What is it that you want from your life? Are there things you want from your work? Your relationships? Your physical and emotional well-being? Your finances? Your living environment? Are you satisfied in all areas of your life? If not, what are you doing about it? The questions […]

Career wellbeing – in addition to physical, financial, social, and community wellbeing – plays a major role in our health. Why? We gain a great deal of satisfaction and sense of self-esteem and accomplishment by way of our career choice. It is where we derive our meaning and sense of purpose in life, which is […]