Winter in Vermont is always an exciting time for those who love to ski, snowboard, or even to just play in the snow! Unfortunately, winter is also a time where your heart health can be put at risk if you aren’t aware of the health risks associated with colder weather, which can lead to a heart […]

A recent study at the Vermont Lung Center at the the University of Vermont provides support for yoga breathing as a new way of relieving symptoms of COPD. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) affects the lives of more than three million people every year. For COPD patients, the lungs have trouble exhaling air when they breathe. […]

Self-care is important during the autumn and winter months in Vermont. Why? Well, when the seasons change, so do our energy levels. We’re affected by the cooler temperatures and the decrease in daylight hours. We may notice less spring in our step (pardon the seasonal pun). Additionally, we may move less and eat more. We […]

The word “mindful” has become a big buzzword lately. There are plenty of products and services that promise to help you slow down and be your best self, but what is mindfulness, really? Research shows the potential of mindfulness to heal and support those with many different health conditions, from heart disease, stroke, depression and […]

Doing what you enjoy is a better motivator for exercising and it helps you stick with it! Activities of daily living such as gardening, walking your dog, and playing your children “count” and even just sitting less can be of benefit to your health and wellbeing. Movement does not have to be vigorous or make […]

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. One in 3 children in the United States are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity puts kids at risk for health problems that were once seen only in adults, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Childhood obesity continues to be a problem. According to the Centers for […]

Breathing – it seems so simple, doesn’t it? Yet, when we engage in different ways of breathing, it can cause very different results! It may either cause stress or relaxation. At its core, breath is a bio-energetic feedback loop – breath is life. We must inhale and exhale, bringing in oxygen-rich energy and expelling toxins. […]

Anyone eating on the run or at restaurants has probably noticed that food portions have gotten larger. Some portions are called “super size,” while others have simply grown in size and provide enough food for at least two people. With this growth have come increases in waistlines and body weight. In the video below, learn […]

We’ve all been told countless times to eat more fruits and vegetables. We know it’s healthy to include more of them in our diet – they provide vital nutrients and fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals. But, despite our best intentions we sometimes come up short. We are always hearing things about how “easy” it is to […]

Most of us don’t think about the health of our eyes on a daily basis. However, if you’re a contact lens wearer, there are important things to know. Learn more from Jessica J. McNally, MD, from the University of Vermont Medical Center. Although contact lenses are a convenient and effective way to see more clearly, […]