“Calcifications.” That’s the word that Jen Berg remembers in the phone call that informed her she would need a biopsy following her mammogram. Flash forward a few days on from there, and she had received a diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Intraductal Carcinoma, and within days she was scheduled to meet with the team at […]

Join Hannah Marlow and hundreds of others at the 16th Annual Vermont Cancer Center Breast Cancer Conference on October 4, 2013. Hannah is one of many presenters. She will present the film “Baring It All,” an Emmy Award-Winning documentary on the Pulitzer Prize-winning SCAR Project during the conference. Learn more at www.thescarproject.org. Register here. Pose […]

In June, the US Supreme Court unanimously decided that our genes are not patentable. The decision invalidates patents on genomic DNA – that is, one company can’t own your genes anymore. Why should we, as physicians and patients, care about this landmark decision? As a new physician, 22 years ago, I did clinical testing to […]