In January of 2017, Anya Koutras, MD, packed her bags and traveled to Ddegaya, Uganda for the first time. Ddegaya is a rural town five hours south of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. In Ddegaya, Anya volunteered at Engeye, a non-profit health clinic for the surrounding rural community. First Day in Uganda On Anya Koutras’ […]

Trisomy Awareness Month takes place in March.  What is trisomy?   Our genes, which are coded for in DNA, contain the information that makes us who we are. In living cells, DNA is packaged into “chunks” called chromosomes. At the moment of conception, we inherit 23 chromosomes from our mother in the egg and 23 from […]

Have you heard of MTHFR testing? You probably will. Here’s the information you need to make an informed decision about it. What is MTHFR? According to the Internet, MTHFR is a gene responsible for everything from fatigue and impotence to vaccination reaction and autism. But, that’s not right. As a pediatric geneticist, I am here […]

Pregnancy and early parenthood are filled with intense changes that can bring both joy and stress. Research shows that mindfulness can boost our moods and reduce anxiety and depression. It can also improve concentration and memory, decrease heart disease and high blood pressure, and strengthen our immune systems. What is the difference between mindfulness and […]