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Jacob Mikkelsen

My name is Jacob Mikkelsen and this is my sixth year collecting money for the Big Change Roundup For Kids. I was born with sagittal craniosynostosis, which means my head was growing long ways instead of round. The day after my first birthday, I had my first surgery to fix it. We found out a few years later that the bone didn’t grow back so I had my second surgery at the end of first grade. This time they put a plate in my head to cover the soft spot. That surgery was a success, and I’m all clear to do things and I finally don’t need to have any more surgeries!

Why I Collect Money for the Kids

I was one of the kids there, and I want to give back for what everyone did for me. It was so special to get treated by everyone there, and it made me feel much better. So, I want to make sure the kids there get treated just as special as I did when I was there.

Getting My School Involved

Four years ago, I asked my principal if I could get the school to help raise money for all the sick kids, and she said that I could. I do a presentation to kickoff the event at school every year.

Every year my dad challenges each class and the faculty. Whichever class raises the most, he matches the total up to $150. Last year, together with my total, we managed to reach our goal of $1500. This year, our goal is $1500 again. If we reach our goal, we will have a pajama day.

How I Collect the Money

I collect money through online, cash and check donations. This year I decided to have a number raffle so people can buy numbers for $5 each. All the money that is donated then goes to help the kids!

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Gifts to the Big Change Roundup support special pediatric patient programs, the purchase of life-saving equipment and fund research to find cures for childhood diseases. Donations are also allocated to help offset travel costs by providing gas cards, ferry tickets and meal vouchers for families that travel for specialized pediatric care. 100% of the funds stay right here at UVM Children’s Hospital helping kids and families throughout Vermont and northern New York.

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