Lead poisoning is a serious condition which can affect young children. 

We findlLead-based paint in many homes built prior to 1978. Did you know there are more than 12,000 homes in Burlington & Winooski built prior to 1978?  Painted wood windows and doors in old homes may contain lead-based paint.

Lead poisoning occurs most commonly when children ingest dust from lead-based paint. A lead dust forms when you open and close your old wood painted windows and doors and is invisible to the naked eye. It can get on children’s hands and toys, and into their mouths through normal hand to mouth behavior. Lead poisoning may cause permanent damage to the brain, nervous system and kidneys.

Repeated exposure to even a small amount of lead can reduce a child’s IQ and impact their ability to learn.

If you live in Burlington or Winooski, your home or rental property may qualify for assistance to help make your property safe from lead-based paint hazards. Applications are now being accepted through the CEDO’s Lead Program.

Talk to your children’s pediatrician about getting your child’s blood lead level tested.  Especially at ages 1 & 2 and if you have concerns or if you live in a home built prior to 1978 have them tested up to age 6. 

To learn more about lead poisoning prevention and how to qualify for the CEDO Lead Program, call  865-LEAD (5323) or visit http://www.burlingtonleadprogram.org.

This is a public health announcement provided by the Burlington Lead Program, a program in the City of Burlington’s Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO). 

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