Noah and his proud parents!

Noah and his proud parents!

Every year, one child from each state with a remarkable medical story is chosen by the Children’s Miracle Network to act as an ambassador for his/her local hospital, sponsored by Chico’s FAS, Delta, and the Marriott. Past Vermont Champions have organized events to fund treatment, recovery and charitable care, and traveled around the state to highlight the work of The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital. This year, our ambassador is Noah.

Noah has been busy for an 8-year old! He was born with VACTERL association, a rare condition involving multiple co-occurring congenital anomalies. He had his first surgery to repair a tracheo-espohagageal fistula the day he was born and was in the hospital for more than five months before he made it home for the first time. Since that time Noah has had more than 20 additional surgeries, all but five of them at The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

Noah is followed by 11 pediatric specialists at The UVM Children’s Hospital, so he is a frequent hospital visitor between appointments in the Specialty Clinic, outpatient radiology, Comfort Zone visits, surgeries and inpatient stays on Baird 5. And while no doubt, he has endured more than a boy his age should have to, he has awed his family and friends with his incredible resiliency and his effusively positively attitude. He is one happy and active guy!

In his spare time, Noah loves anything related to emergency rescue personnel and vehicles. He wants to be an EMT when he grows up and some of his best hospital days have involved visits with local area police, fire and EMT staff. He loves video games, playing out-side, talking about and planning for Halloween all year long, and amusement parks and rides (the wilder the better!).

Noah continues to think of The UVM Children’s Hospital as a place filled with friends who care for him in the very best way and consistently go above and beyond to make him the most comfortable each time he enters the building. His family is beyond grateful for the ex-ceptional coordinated care he has received from the entire hospital team.

Noah often refers to The UVM Children’s Hospital as “my hospital” and together with his family he is committed to fundraising to assure that all kids who need the hospital have as positive a hospital experience as he has had.

To learn more about how you can support The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital and make a difference in the life of children like Noah, please contact our Development team at 802-847-2887.

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