Noah Cohen in a "selfie with the champion" with Lucy Edwards, Miss Vermont.

Noah Cohen in a “selfie with the champion” with Lucy Edwards, Miss Vermont.

My name is Noah Cohen, and I am the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals 2015 Vermont Champion. My first three months as a champion have been busy. I have been to two dance-a-thons, one at the University of Vermont, one at Middlebury College. Staying up all night and dancing with all of the college kids was crazy and fun. I have also helped Rite-Aid and Kinney Drugs kick off their fundraising campaigns. My family, and I have started visiting their stores to remind them about why fundraising is important. But, the best event so far was Big Change Roundup Weekend!

The Big Change Roundup is a lot of work — and a lot of fun. We went to four Wal-marts and the UVM Medical Center to collect change every day. Here is what I loved about the Big Change Roundup:

  1. We traveled by RV in the Pete’s RV Coach for Kids. There is even a bed inside so you can lie down and play while you are driving!
  1. At the first stop I invented my own fundraiser called “Selfies with the Champion,” where people paid $1 to take a selfie with me.  (My parents’ commentary: “Clearly, Noah is not shy…”)
  1. So many kids come to the Big Change Roundup: schools, boy and girl scout troops, families — and they all share really good ideas to raise money!
  1. You get to be on the radio and I LOVE being on the radio.
  1. It’s really fun to meet so many people and tell them why the hospital is important to me and other kids.
  1. On the last day of the Big Change Roundup, I got to play with one of the new 3D distraction stations that money from the Big Change Roundup helped to buy.  This is a really fun machine where you wear 3D glasses and do different 3D games like a ride on a roller coaster, or go under the sea. It will make appointments and procedures fun.

    Blog Picture 3

    Noah with all the Big Change Roundup change.

  1. I loved turning in and having the money my family raised counted. We collected a lot of money and are going to do even better next year.
  1. There was so much change it had to be collected in a big truck each day. And before they picked it up, I took a rest in the pile.
  1. It was fun hanging out with Danielle, the 2014 Champion, and the other champions throughout the whole weekend.
  1. I loved being a kid that helps other kids. 

The best thing is that I already know that I get to go on the Big Change Roundup next year with the next champion and his or her family. Start collecting your change now and come and see us next year! Bring a $1. We’ll take a picture.

To learn more about how you can support The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital and make a difference in the life of children like Noah, please contact our Development team at 802-847-2887.

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