In my last post, I discussed choosing your best career opportunity with us.  Now, let me share some insight into our application process and give you some tips on marketing yourself in the best way possible.

It’s all Online!

We only accept applications through our online application system, so you can forget the days of hunting down mailing addresses and fax numbers. You can now complete an application any time of day or night!  Additionally, with our online system you have the ability to track the status of your application online…and let’s not forget the reams of paper saved by adopting electronic applications.

No computer at home?  Don’t worry – there are computers available at the Department of Labor and most libraries. We also have two computers available for use here in the Human Resource Offices.  We’re located on the 5th floor of the University Health Center, 1 South Prospect Street in Burlington.  You are welcome to use these computers on your own between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M. on weekdays.  If you need assistance with the application, a member of our team is usually available Tuesday through Thursday.

Tips for Filling out the Online Application

Our application is fairly lengthy, so I recommend gathering all of the important information before you begin; this includes your resume (if you’ll be including one), dates of employment, professional references and their current phone numbers or e-mail addresses, and any applicable licenses and certifications.  With all of this information ready, our application should only take about 30 minutes to complete.

Resume v. Online Application

People often ask if it’s more important to include a resume or complete the online application.  The answer is: “both”. If you have one, I strongly encourage you to include a resume file, and you can do this on the first page of the application.  To include a cover letter, save both items as one document and upload them together.  If you’re concerned about ensuring your formatting comes through as intended, I highly recommend saving your resume file in Rich Text Format. Once your file is uploaded, the application will walk you through your past experience, education, and licenses and certifications.  It’s best to complete the application in entirety, even if you’ve uploaded a resume.  Generally speaking, I look at your general application before opening your resume.  If there are minimum qualifications for the position to which you are applying, be sure to note them clearly in the application.


We ask you to include three professional references.  Please include people who have been your direct supervisor.  While I appreciate that your coworkers think highly of you – I want to speak to your manager.  I won’t call them before meeting with you, but if I’m seriously considering making you a job offer, I do want to speak to them.


At the very end of the application, there are two important sections: Personal Information and Additional Comments.  Under Personal Information we ask:  Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor other than a speeding ticket or parking ticket?  It is very important to answer this question thoroughly and honestly.  If you received a ticket for fishing without a license in 1993 – I want to hear about it.  DWI?  Disclose it.  Anything and everything.  Making a poor choice 15 years ago doesn’t mean I won’t hire you, if you disclose it.  However, if you don’t disclose it, and I find out when the background check comes back – that is a far different conversation.  We must put the best interests of our patients and their families first, and failure to disclose a conviction might make us question your integrity.  Unfortunately, I have revoked offers of employment for leaving convictions off the application.

Additional Comments

Use the Additional Comments space to share information about yourself that would be relevant to all positions that you might apply for. Explain gaps in employment history. Tell us why you’re interested in this position, or anything else you want me to know.  It is important to note that this section is over-written every time you change something.  If you are applying to for multiple positions on different days, I’ll see whatever you wrote most recently.

Attention to Detail

As I mentioned in my previous post, I receive large numbers of applications for most positions each day.  I am looking for the person with the best qualifications for the position.  So make sure that your application highlights your skills and abilities.  If the position requires attention to detail – as most positions do – I’m going to notice misspellings and poor grammar.  Check to make sure your dates of employment are accurate.  Be aware of typing in all caps or all lower case.

Your application is my first impression of you – make it a great one!

Ready to send us an application?  Start here!

Next time: Mastering the Phone Interview

Renee Dall is a Recruiter in the Human Resources department at the UVM Medical Center.

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