Little Phoebe Barron with toys courtesy of Kohl's, our partner for the Kohl's Kids Bike Smart Program!

Little Phoebe Barron with toys courtesy of Kohl’s, our partner for the Kohl’s Kids Bike Smart Program!

As a child, did you dream of becoming an Olympian? Did you envision yourself up on the podium with a gold medal around your neck while the National Anthem played? Well, for most of us, those dreams did not become a reality, but for our children and grandchildren, the dream is still alive.

The Bike Olympics are coming to the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival thanks to the Kohl’s Kids Bike Smart Program (KKBS) is a The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital program designed to teach children to ride bikes safely, with a goal of keeping them active and injury-free.  There will be plenty of activities to challenge your future Olympian. The Olympics will include an obstacle course, slalom, intersection action, and the rock dodge. Everything is designed to help your child gain skills needed for everyday biking (as well as prepping for the Tour de France!).

If your little one isn’t ready for the Olympics, there are plenty of bike related activities including learning to balance, brake, steer, stop and start, all in a safe, fun, and interactive environment.

If you do not bring your own bike and helmet, no worries. The KKBS trailer is stocked with bikes for all ages and sizes. Helmets  will be available for a small donation. You can even stop by the booth and decorate your helmet before or after the Olympics!

The Bike Olympics will be held throughout Kid’s Day on Friday, August 16, at the Lake Champlain Vermont Maritime Festival.

And as Greg LeMond, cycling legend, once said, “It never gets easier, you just go faster!”

Learn more about Kohl’s Kids Bike Smart program ( Teach your child about the importance of biking safe with these helmet safety tips.

Christina Keating is the Injury Prevention Coordinator in Trauma at the University of Vermont Medical Center and former Olympic dreamer.

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