field of daisiesNominations Open for First-Ever DAISY Awards at UVM Medical Center

In 1999, Patrick Barnes was diagnosed with ITP, an autoimmune disease. At 33 years old, he had already survived Hodgkin’s disease twice. Earlier that year, he and his wife had their first child. Sadly, Patrick died from complications of his disease.

During the eight weeks of his hospitalization, Patrick’s family was overwhelmed by the quality of nursing care that he received. His father said of the experience: “We were there to see the clinical skill that dealt with his very complex medical situation, the fast thinking of nurses who saved his life more than once, and that nursing excellence that took years to hone to the best of the profession.”

And so, after Patrick died, his family planted a seed in his honor – in fact, they planted daisies. The DAISY Foundation was born to honor nurses for the incredible work they do. This program is now in more than 2,400 healthcare facilities in all 50 states and 14 countries.

And now, it is at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Nominate a Nurse

During National Nurses Week, we ask you to nominate a nurse who made a difference in your life or your family’s life. You can nominate a nurse in the following ways:

What do DAISY Award winners receive?

They receive what may be the biggest surprise of their career. Nurses will not know that they have been nominated.  The award ceremony takes place in the clinic or unit with colleagues, the DAISY committee, and the nominator(s). Bring out the Kleenex!

The DAISY winner receives a DAISY Award certificate in a transparency portfolio, DAISY brochure, DAISY award pin, Healer’s Touch sculpture, a DAISY Kleenex pack (you’re going to need it), copy of the nomination, and a banner to be hung in the winner’s unit or clinic. The winner’s photo and story are also placed on the DAISY website for further public recognition.

Nominate an extraordinary nurse today!

Learn more about The DAISY Foundation.Daisy Award Logo

Amanda Millette, RN, is a nurse at The University of Vermont Cancer Center and chair of the DAISY committee. She is also a member of the Nursing Practice and Experience Council at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

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