callout_vtchildrensbrochure_200x133As you enter the pediatric areas of The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, you will notice a bright and cheerful environment specifically designed to promote comfort and stimulation for our patients and their families. Support from the community, through fundraising efforts like the Big Change Roundup, greatly benefit The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital in this endeavor.

One of the many departments that helps to support the child-friendly environment at The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital is our team of Child Life Specialists.  They help children to navigate uncertainty in the medical environment by providing them with the tools needed to cope with potential stressors.

Your donation helps provide us with:

  1. Diversional activities. Books, games, craft supplies, movies, and much more are provided to children in the hospital setting. These seemingly basic items provide comfort and a sense of normalcy to children at the hospital, while also promoting healthy growth and development, allowing children the chance to do what they do best – play!
  2. Therapeutic activities. Special activities with a goal in mind are provided to children to help them address the vast emotional needs of being in a hospital setting. These activities assist children in developing coping strategies when faced with a stressful situation, giving them outlets and ways to express emotion.
  3. Educational tools. Books, dolls and medical supply kits are provided to children with education and preparation in mind, as we strive to help them face potential medical stressors with understanding and confidence.  Education and preparation are used to ease the anxiety that can come from the unknown aspects of a hospitalization. Educational tools help children to learn what to expect, ahead of time, through modeling and rehearsal.
  4. Coping tools. Bubbles, i-spy boards, stress balls, music and more are items that support children during more stressful moments of a hospitalization. Coping tools, special toys that function as stimulants to the five senses, are often used as distraction to ease anxiety during procedures.
  5. Comfort Items.  Cozy blankets and comforting stuffed animals are provided to help welcome children and families to The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, upon arrival. These items offer a sense of security and familiarity.

Not only does the Big Change Roundup help to ensure that we have these essential supplies and resources to support children and families, but they also help to confirm the presence of the Child Life staff.  Child Life is appreciative of your support and acknowledges that without your support, we would not be able to provide the best possible care for children and their families. Thank you!

These donations have and will continue to translate into smiles for the children in your neighborhood.

Learn more about the Big Change Roundup on our website and Facebook page

Written by the Child Life Department at The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital at the University of Vermont Medical Center. 

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