The UVM Medical Center’s Health Assistance Program (HAP), offers access to a wide range of community services and resources to our clients; we primarily focus on assisting the uninsured and underinsured pay for medical services at the UVM Medical Center. We are able to assist with the application process for Vermont health care programs such as Dr. Dynasaur, VHAP, Catamount and our own Patient Assistance Program (PAP). We are also able to help financially-eligible clients obtain much needed medications through Affordable Medication, pharmaceutical programs and from drug manufacturing representatives.

HAP enables patients to have health insurance so that the UVM Medical Center is able to bill for these services, and it feeds funds back into the UVM Medical Center system. The funds that HAP uses to pay for medications from our Affordable Medication fund is spent entirely at our own pharmacies. Many patients continue to use the UVM Medical Center pharmacies once they receive insurance.

HAP works regularly with the UVM Medical Center’s Patient Assistance Program, an invaluable resource for patients who have outstanding bills at the UVM Medical Center.  We are able to help patients in financial hardship access health care after all other options have been utilized.  The program saves the UVM Medical Center from spending more operating dollars pursuing payment through collection agency services or by sending multiple statements to patients, all while keeping our patients in the UVM Medical Center system of care.

HAP is an example of excellent and compassionate customer service. Many patients have said that HAP has made it possible for them to afford life saving medications, access care and improve their overall health and quality of life. Further, providers and staff have expressed appreciation for how HAP services improve the quality of care that they are able to provide to patients and increases their productivity.

Please contact HAP if you feel you may benefit from one or more of the services we offer. We can be reached via email at, by phone at 847-6984 or fax at 847-6545.

Learn more about the Health Assistance Program at the UVM Medical Center. 

Ann Slattery, RN BSN BSW, is the Health Assistance Program Coordinator within the UVM Medical Center’s Office of Community Health Improvement.

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