On Sunday, May 26, five the UVM Medical Center employees (among many others) will run the Vermont City Marathon. Here are their stories, their goals — and their training secrets!

penny-gibsonPenny Gibson, PA Name/Position: Penny Gibson, Physician Assistant, Hematology/Oncology

Why I’m Running:  In support of Steps to Wellness, aka Oncology Rehabilitation, which helps my patients regain fitness after cancer therapy.  Also, personally, so I can eat more chocolate!

My Training: Just trying to fit it in wherever I can, in between work and family obligations.  I try to run on trails or dirt as much as possible, to protect my aging knees.

My Goal: I have helped organize seven marathon relay teams, filled with work colleagues and family members. My goal is for everyone to find one another at the exchange points, and have a great time.  My personal goal is to make it up the big hill coming out of the Beltline without requiring CPR.

Peter-SpectorPeter Spector, MD Name/Position: Peter Spector, MD, Cardiologist

Why I’m Running: Peer pressure

My Training: Remiss

My Goal: To hand over the baton.



erik lahrErik Lahr Name/Position:  Erik Lahr, Supervisor of Facilities Management and Environmental Services at Fanny Allen

Why I’m Running: I am running because it is rewarding to support team the UVM Medical Center – and the Vermont City Marathon is a blast!  The whole community comes out to support the runners and the spectators get pretty wild.

What’s my Training Been Like:  A lot of weight lifting with some cardio here and there.

What’s my Goal:  Run faster than my girlfriend, or else I will never hear the end of it.

Kim 8Kimberly Evans, RD Name/Position: Kimberly Evans, RD, Clinical and Outpatient dietitian

Why I’m Running:  For me, the Vermont City Marathon has become part of a yearly tradition.  I started running in my late 30s after hanging up my point shoes and tutu after years of ballet.  Vermont City Marathon was one of my first official races.  Not only is it important to me, but it has become a family event.  My kids have done the yam scram for years, they look forward to the sports expo each year, and they are always out on race day to offer support in my first 3 miles.  This year I am splitting the marathon with Sue Dodge.  Beyond Vermont City Marathon, I am proud to be part of a strong, healthy, and vibrant running community.

What my Training has Been Like:  The weather has been so great that it has made training easy and fun.  I have spent a lot of time on the bike path this spring.  I love running down along the lake.  It is cool, familiar, and I see so many people I know.  I have been smart with my eating and training so I am counting on a good race.  I have also been doing a lot of cross-training on my bike this year, getting ready for the Kelly Brush ride.  My first century ride!

What’s my Goal: To simply enjoy the day.

sue dodgeSusan Dodge, PT Name/Position: Susan Dodge, PT/Out-patient physical therapist at the Medical Office Building

Why I’m Running:  I have always enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie of running the Vermont City Marathon.  It is such a great Vermont event.

What my Training has Been Like:  My training had been going great up until a fall running in the woods.  I seemed to have injured my calf and have not been able to bounce back as quickly as I would have liked.

What’s my Goal:  My goal is really to just enjoy the event and of course to finish feeling good.  I am also excited to see how some of the people I have been coaching fair in this race.

Kim Evans, RD, is a clinical dietitian for UVM Medical Center's Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Program.

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