2014 was a year of health crisis and personal triumphs. That is the story that the most popular blog article on The UVM Medical Center Blog tell.

At #1 is Dr. Kemper Alston’s article on Ebola. Also on the list are a number of nutrition and fitness articles. Two blogs articles on the list are about transformation through weight loss and healthy living. Then, there is the harrowing story of twins Alex and Zack, born here at the medical center. And, much more!

We encourage you to re-read, or read for the first time: 

  1. Ebola: What You Need To Know by Kemper Alston, MD, medical director of Infection Prevention.
  2. Training Tips: What to Eat the Week Before a Marathon by Kim Evans, RD, clinical dietician for Cardiac Rehabilitation.
  3. Fitness at Home: Creating a Children’s Obstacle Course…With Stuff You Already Have by Corey Cenate, wellness health coach.
  4. Your Diet: Eating 5 Fruits or Vegetables a Day is Easier Than You Think by Maryann Ludlow, RD, CD, CDE, registered dietician.
  5. Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with the Power of Food by Emily Piazza, MS, RD, CD, nutrition supervisor for the Community Health Team.
  6. Stroke: Learn the ABCs of Stroke Prevention by Mark Gorman, MD, neurologist and director of the Stroke Program.
  7. A Mother’s Story: The Birth of Alex and Zack, from A-Z by ShawnnaLea Zemanek, patient and new mom.
  8. Wellness Story: What I Gained When I Lost 30 Pounds by Alexandra Tursi, social media strategist.
  9. Patient Success Story: How I Lost 173 Pounds by Zlatan Harambasic, bariatric surgery patient.
  10. Exercise the Heart in Pregnancy by Marti Churchill, CNM, certified nurse midwife.

Just missing the Top 10 at #11 is a blog article we could not leave out – “Our History: The Legacy of Mary Fletcher,” by Sarah Dopp, telling the story of one of our incredible founders.

We thank you for reading our blog in 2014 and look forward to bringing you more important articles in 2015.

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