Pokemon Go App Icon on iPhonePokémon Go, the latest virtual reality game from international software giant Nintendo, is an overnight sensation — and we have seen some people playing it around our medical center.

Visitors are welcome at our campus, but to ensure that our patients receive the best quality care experience possible, we ask that all community and student visitors to our medical center please be considerate of the following guidelines regarding patient safety and privacy:

  • Refrain from entering the University of Vermont Medical Center, University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, or University of Vermont Cancer Center facilities unless visiting a patient or loved one, or seeking treatment.
  • Refrain from sharing patient information, intentionally or otherwise. A screenshot of the game inside patient treatment areas could inadvertently capture protected health information and would be a violation of HIPAA regulations.
  • Maintain appropriate noise levels while on campus by limiting music, turning off sound effects in the game, or refraining from shouting.

For the personal safety of visitors to campus, we also ask that you:

  • Mind all traffic rules and regulations while on campus, making sure to obey traffic and pedestrian signals.
  • Mind all posted signage related to construction, security or other safety restrictions. Several areas on campus are active construction zones. Please be mindful and navigate accordingly.
  • Refrain from entering on-campus buildings unless previously permitted to do so for the purposes of either employment, education or treatment.

While you’re out, have fun, but remember to stay safe, stay hydrated and stay alert. Good luck and have fun, trainers!

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