The Community Health Investment Fund at the UVM Medical Center supports a wide range of community programs and initiatives that improve the health of our community. The fund is overseen by the Community Health Investment Committee, which is made up of both community members and hospital staff. We invest $800,000 annually in efforts that further the priority areas identified in the UVM Medical Center’s Community Health Needs Assessment. To date, we have supported 23 programs at 19 organizations across our service area in our current fiscal year. The 2017-2019 priority areas are: Access to Healthy Food, Chronic Conditions, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Supportive Housing.

The following guest blog is from one of our grantees in the area of Supportive Housing.

At ANEW Place, a bed is just the beginning.

We help many homeless adults start new jobs, work toward financial stability, make steps toward whole-person wellness, and ultimately move towards independent living and successfully reintegrating back into the community. In the words of a former guest, “This shelter is more than the sum of its parts. It is an opportunity to rebuild what I previously thought was impossible to resurrect.”

Julia’s Story
Julia is in our ANEW Leaf transitional housing phase and will soon be moving out into the community in her own apartment.

In her words, “Four years prior to coming here, I was homeless and in a relationship that was abusive. I found myself isolated from everyone. I was dependent on alcohol to make it through the day. I lived outside in a tent for a time. Family and friends became distant memories. Since being at ANEW Place, I found hope. I stopped drinking. Every day I get closer to the woman I want to be. The house has given me shelter and a sense of family. Most importantly I hope to be an asset to my community. Little by little, the things I lost or left behind are coming back to me. ANEW Place is my starting ground.”

Julia now has steady employment in a professional job, a strong savings account, help through counseling, a family at ANEW, and a new future ahead of her!

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