Text U L8R.

Rachel Burt, a senior at the University of Vermont, talks to Vermont high school students about apps they can use to keep themselves from texting and driving.

Texting and driving can be a difficult task to stop, especially when you’re sitting in traffic and it’s just a quick message to say you’re on your way. But, this situation can be just as risky as texting while driving 70 mph down the interstate. To help protect you and the people around you, here is a list of useful apps for your phone to act as deterrence. Some of them also have a bit of incentive, providing rewards for responsible driving.

STANDD: Your life matters!  Don’t take the risk of sending a deadly message. We all know the dangers of texting and distracted driving. Take a STANDD and let this app help YOU Stop Texting AND Driving Distracted.


Cost: Free

Verizon Safely Go: Do you, like most people, find it hard to stay focused on the road while your cell phone tempts you? Bu,t is turning it off the best way to curb texting-while-driving?  Let Safely Go receive your calls and texts, keeping you connected and responsible, and make you – and the road – safer.

  • Allows only calls and texts from your 3 “VIP Contacts” (like your family or boss)
  • Enables calls through your Bluetooth or other hands-free device
  • Tells everyone you’re on the road and driving safely, through automatic text replies
  • Gives you access only to your top 3 “Driving Apps” (like maps, navigation, or music)


Cost: free

Text-STAR:  As a text-STAR user, you’re taking a great step in driving responsibly by avoiding technology distractions. We believe that in doing so, you should be rewarded by obtaining a discount on your auto insurance premiums. You control when text-STAR is on, letting you send personalized auto-replies when you’re on the move or just need some space.


Cost: free

DriveScribe: DriveScribe helps you keep your eyes on the road and not your phone. Drive better and stay safe with automated prompts and reminders. See how you performed on the road, track violations and compare your scores with friends and family.  Earn points every time you use DriveScribe and cash them in for gift cards at popular retailers through our point redemption portal.


Cost: free

Textecution: Textecution™ is a user-friendly application that completely disables texting while driving. Textecution™ is designed for parents to install on their teenage driver’s phone so they know their child is safer behind the wheel of the vehicle. Add immediate peace of mind, security, and safety today with Textecution™.


Cost: $29.99

Drivesafe.ly: DriveSafe.ly is a mobile application that reads text (SMS) messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds without drivers touching the mobile phone. DriveSafe.ly is the solution to texting while driving.

  • Reads your text messages and emails out loud in real time
  • One-touch activation – no complicated setup
  • Optional customizable auto-responder
  • Eliminates texting while driving and reading emails while driving
  • Safely stay connected while reducing distracted driving
  • Flexible app allows many customization options


Cost: free

Rachel Burt is a senior at the University of Vermont studying business marketing and applied design.  She interned with the Marketing and Communications department at the UVM Medical Center over the summer. 

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