When a loved one is going into the operating room, family and friends naturally want to know what is happening every step of the way. Now, they will be able to. The UVM Medical Center has created a new website that allows family and friends to track the status of a loved one in the OR.

The website was developed through a collaboration among the UVM Medical Center’s Perioperative department, Information Services department, and doctors, nurses, and administrative staff.

What Does the New Website Look Like?

2016-06-16_15h36_36We have designed a website to provide data-driven information to loved ones about patients involved in the perioperative process. This website collects and displays critical checkpoints which inform the user at which stage a patient is currently, including arrival to Preop, the Operating Room, the time that the procedure actually begins, and when the patient is transported to Post-Anesthesia Care.

The website also displays the surgeon’s name, information about each stage of the process, and contact information should loved ones have questions. Information is refreshed on a regular basis in order to provide users of the website with the latest information about the patient. We have also made the website available off-campus so that family and friends who cannot be present at the hospital may stay connected to the entire process.

What about patient safety?

The website was designed with patient satisfaction in mind at every step along the way. Keeping patient security in mind, the team designed the page to not display any patient information.

How Do I Access the New Website?

2016-06-16_15h36_13Visit follow.uvmmedcenter.org/or

Families will also need the patient’s secure tracking number, which can be given out by a family member at the medical center.  If family is not at the medical center, the secretaries at the desk may help. You can reach them at 802-847-3580.

The project generated a lot of discussion that was both encouraging and constructive, showing that while Information Services is largely about implementing systems to better track patient care and support daily operations, there is a truly fun and creative side to IS.

Going forward, we have many ideas that will build upon this website, and we hope this will lead to more projects of this nature in the future.

Gretchen Williamson is Clinical Information Specialist at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

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