Julie Stefanski is an audiologist .

The American Academy of Audiology (AAA), as well as the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), each dedicate the month of May to raising awareness of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is the third most common health care concern in the United States. Did you know that hearing loss can impact your understanding of conversation and speech, your emotional well-being, and socialization with friends and family?

Hearing loss affects QUALITY OF LIFE.

May is a time to celebrate:

Today, hearing loss is estimated to affect more than 40 million Americans. People of all ages may have hearing loss, including adults, children, and infants. So, what is the good news? There are effective ways to manage and prevent hearing loss.

The first step to achieving better hearing is to have an evaluation with an audiologist. You may complete this online checklist to determine whether you may benefit from a hearing evaluation.

If you or someone you know is showing signs of hearing loss, encourage them to take the first step to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Audiologists are educated, hearing care professionals who will be able to evaluate and provide recommendations for treatment. Celebrate with us this month and spread the word!

Learn more about the UVM Medical Center’s Audiology Services.

Julie Stefanski is an audiologist at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

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