BrennerMy weight loss journey started 14 months ago at my annual physical. My primary care physician had been advising me for a decade to lose weight, to take the stress off my total knee replacements. At this time, I weighed over 300 lbs, and her goal was for me to lose 50. She also showed me years’ worth of my records and I could see my blood pressure, cholesterol and hemoglobin A-1C rising into the danger zones. She promised that my overall health would improve dramatically if I lost weight.

I started working with a Health Coach from the CHT (Community Health Team) – Amy Hallett. I met Amy once a month over the next six months. She helped me understand how to read food labels and track my food and track my exercise. I found her help to be an absolute necessity. I began cutting back on what I was eating and by tracking what I ate. I reduced my sugar intake to nearly zero and cut my sodium intake in half. I wore a pedometer at work and went to the gym every night, never letting myself off the hook. I tracked my weight every day and within the first month I lost 25 pounds. Over the next three months I lost another 25 pounds. I was now approximately 50 pounds lighter than I had been in 15 years!

Between Amy Hallet and Dr. Wendy Libby, I slowly lost pound after pound after pound until I reached my medical weight goal at the end of March 2015. One day I looked in the mirror and two things came to mind: one was, ‘who is this man in the mirror?’ And the second thing was, ‘damn, I look good!’ That’s when the tears rolled down my cheeks and I came to the realization that I had been killing myself for the last 25 years by over-eating.

I know that I added decades to my life. I am alive; I am healthy; I am strong; I look good. I feel good. I can move, walk, run and bench-press five times what I used to.

I have Dr. Wendy Libby and Amy Hallett to thank for my success. Thank you for my new life.

—Patrick M. Brenner, Sr.

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